Get to know Kitchen & Bath Concepts in December’s Showroom Spotlight. Mother-daughter design team, Peggy and Micqui McGowen reveal their kitchen must-haves, the KBC formula for luxury kitchen and bathrooms, and where they find inspiration for their projects.

Showroom Name
Kitchen & Bath Concepts, Showroom 148

Your name and role in the showroom
Peggy & Micqui McGowen, mother and daughter, are both Certified Master Kitchen & Bath Designers, Certified Aging-In-Place Specialists, and co-owners of Kitchen & Bath Concepts.

Can you give some background on Kitchen and Bath Concepts?

KBC was founded by Peggy on April 1, 1986. “Who starts a business on April Fool’s Day?” she says.  Well, almost 35 years later, a long list of delighted clients from coast to coast and Alaska to Mexico, and awards and accolades from colleagues and clients, Kitchen & Bath Concepts has proven it’s no joke.

From the beginning, KBC has been known for its exceptional design and an outstanding selection of custom factory-manufactured cabinetry made in both the U.S. and Europe.  Originally a small boutique Kitchen Design Studio located in West University, KBC has occupied several locations over the years, including the corner of Westheimer & Kirby where West Ave is now located.  “We’ve been in The Houston Design Center over ten years now, and it feels like home.”

December Showroom Spotlight: Kitchen & Bath Concepts 1
What makes Kitchen & Bath Concepts unique?
The KBC staff includes talented and skilled Interior Designers and Technical Design Specialists, with kitchen and bath industry-specific training for state-of-the-art appliances, cabinetry, countertops, etc., as well as experience with both new construction and remodel kitchen and bath projects.  While KBC is not a contractor for construction, the contract trades they work with and recommend are the best in the business.

What is your design philosophy?
For KBC, designing and producing exceptional new kitchens or baths is always a team project, starting with the KBC design team, specifying and supplying the best cabinets and products for the project, and then working with the best tradespeople to complete it.  It’s the KBC formula for providing personalized luxury kitchens and bathrooms for discriminating clients… every time

What are your must-have kitchen appliances/accessories?

When asked about their must-have kitchen appliances or accessories, the KBC Designers had this to say: Top two appliances are 1) Combi-steam ovens, and 2) Integrated column refrigerators/freezers. The most desired cabinet convenience accessories are pull-out trash/recycling drawers, pantry pull-outs, and other customized specialty cabinetry storage.  Also, very high on their list is cabinet interior lighting.  Refrigerator interiors have been lit forever – cabinet interior lighting was way overdue and now included in most KBC kitchens and on display at KBC.

What has inspired you recently?

We find inspiration in ordinary and extraordinary times and places.  Residential kitchen design is often inspired and influenced by commercial kitchens, both functionally and aesthetically.  Restaurant kitchens must be efficient, easy to clean, and include high-powered heat and refrigeration equipment and accessible storage.  Likewise, residential bathrooms are frequently inspired by luxurious hotel and spa baths.  Imagine a leisurely soak in a luxury hotel or spa.  Our favorite kind of research – travel, fancy hotels, spas, and restaurants.

What is something you want someone coming into your showroom to know?

When you visit the Kitchen & Bath Concepts’ showroom, the first thing you see is a gorgeous SieMatic kitchen with a 7-foot polished stainless steel hood floating over cabinets with doors and drawer fronts that combine both polished and brushed stainless steel. Glossy white island cabinets and special tall dark (and handsome) glossy glass-front cabinetry complete the picture.  Sleek Gaggenau appliances – an integrated column refrigerator and cooktop modules are live and ready for demonstrations.

The most important thing to know, however, is that all these amazing products won’t make an amazing kitchen if it isn’t perfectly planned and designed with all necessary details in mind for the most efficient use of space and function.  Planning and Design are the most important first steps to any successful kitchen project.  Kitchen & Bath Concepts is the first and last stop for any successful kitchen or bath project.

“Kitchen & Bath Concepts is the first and last stop for any successful kitchen or bath project”
December Showroom Spotlight: Kitchen & Bath Concepts 2
It’s too late for a new kitchen before Christmas, but not too late for an IOU for a new kitchen next year. New Year’s Resolution:  Resolve to start the planning process in January, while you can still remember all the improvements you want to make before you forget all the things you hated about your kitchen and bath during the holidays.

Is there any Kitchen & Bath Concepts news you want to share?

2020 has been a most unusual year. COVID19 changed the way we do business and changed the ways we interact with clients and vendors.  Ordinarily, we attend International Shows and Conferences and in-person trainings for cabinetry, appliances, and other kitchen and bathroom products held at the manufacturer’s plants and training facilities.  We have now become efficient with Zoom conferences and client meetings, and our showroom doors are locked – open by appointment, always observing mask and social distancing protocol, of course.  We are so grateful that none of us or our immediate families have been sick, and thanks to our amazing clients, we never stopped working this year. Wishing everyone health and prosperity in 2021.  Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year!

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