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Showroom Spotlight with Rainey Richardson

Showroom Spotlight with Rainey Richardson We sat down with Rainey Richardson of Rainey Richardson Interiors and RR Home to find out about her design philosophy, her most memorable project, her showroom RR Home, and what sets her design studio apart from the rest. Rainey Richardson launched her design career in 2001. Upon receiving numerous inquiries from friends on who designed her home, Rainey began to offer design consultations for an …Read More

4 Fabric Trends for 2017

Dark Blues and Smokey Grey Scalamandré fabric house is releasing their latest line of fabric this year which will have a large emphasis on natural shades of dark blue and smokey grey. White with texture Sunbrella has just released the White Out line. This line features shades of white, with varying texture that adds surface interest to the design and provides a modern feel. Menagerie Thibaut has released Menagerie. This is …Read More

4 Renovation Projects That Increase Your Home’s Value

A Fresh Coat of Paint This might seem simple, but adding a fresh coat of bright paint will make your home feel new and open and will definitely add to the perceived value of your home. Source: freshome.com Hardwood Floors Hardwood floors are one of the most popular and practical trends in recent years. It’s appealing and  easy to clean. Adding this to at least the living areas will increase your home’s …Read More

5 Interior Design Trends for 2017

Tech in the home Smart home technology is becoming very main stream. These systems give you control over every aspect in your home right from your smartphone. Allowing you to control the lights and even take pictures of suspicious behavior outside. Source: teclaplata.com Kitchens as a separate room Instead of the kitchen being a small place where you prepare food it is now becoming a destination spot. People like to …Read More

4 Places Interior Designers Find Inspiration

Nature Some of the best interior designers in the world find inspiration directly from nature. Source: natureindex The Past Another place interior designers find inspiration is from the past. Looking at old styles can inspire you to think differently and invent something completely new. Source: Pinterest Fashion Interior design has been heavily influenced by the world of fashion but not everyone knows this. Looking at the latest fashion designs and …Read More

5 Ways To Update Your Home

Do a little landscaping Landscaping is a relatively easy way to add new life to your home and turn heads at the same time. Photo Source: kanelandscapes.com Add Easy To Remove Wallpaper We love this idea because you can always stay up to date with current color and design trends in a very easy way. Photo Source: hgtv.com Add New Kitchen Cabinets Updating kitchen cabinets is a great way to …Read More

4 Reasons Why You Should Hire An Interior Designer

Planning and Experience When it comes to large projects and remodels, an interior designer has the training and expertise necessary to avoid time-consuming and costly mistakes. Designers have been trained in scale, proportion, balance, color, texture, and product quality, all of which are essential to a successful design project. Image Source:veranda.com Value A good interior designer will guide you to make changes that will not only enhance your life, but …Read More

To Market – With Connie LeFevre.

Connie LeFevre and her staff at Design House, Inc recently attended the High Point Furniture Market. Here is what Connie took away from the event with her professional insight on the industry.    Taking the pulse of High Point International Market this fall was like taking the pulse of the country right now.  It seemed like all the Pantone Colors of the Year since the recession were shown at market.  …Read More

4 Things To Look For When Choosing an Interior Designer

  Look at reviews The first thing you should pay attention to when searching for a interior designer is reviews. Ask friends and family to see if they have any referrals. Image Source: jhinteriordesign.com Does their portfolio match your style  Once you have found some designers and checked their reviews, look at their on-line portfolio more closely. Think about what you love and why. Image Source: jhinteriordesign.com Does the budget …Read More

5 Tips to Get Wallpaper Right.

We see so many large estates with big white walls and neutral tones. There is nothing wrong with that but with new technology wallpaper has never been more exciting. We encourage you to have a little fun and maybe try out a wallpaper in one room. Here are a couple tips to help you and hopefully inspire you.   Have a Theme The great thing about wallpaper is you can have a …Read More

5 Beautiful Kitchen Design Ideas

Light and Modern White Kitchens are very popular right now. We love them because of the fresh feeling you get when walking into one. Be sure to have high ceilings and spot lighting in a kitchen like this. Photo Source: Homesthetics.net European This warm and inviting kitchen design is perfectly suited for family life. Photo Source: Kitchenguild.com Open and serene What makes this kitchen so amazing is the panoramic windows. Photo Source: …Read More

4 Interior Design Trends For Fall

  Swap The Fabric Swapping out fabrics on furniture and pillows is a great way to bring fall into your home. Swap out the bright summer colors for colors like pumpkin, brown, cream, and light gray. Photo Source: Terrat -Elms Go Bold With Gold After you have switched out your fabrics for warmer tones its time to add some accent pieces. Gold goes perfectly with warm colors and it really makes your …Read More

5 Easy Decorating Projects For Fall.

Fall Inside Glass. You can create this beautiful terrarium by using a shallow terracotta bowl dish lined with moss and covered with a bell jar. Framed Leaves. You can create this by finding some unique leaves and framing them in double sided glass picture frames. White pumpkin center piece.  You can find white decorative pumpkins at many craft stores. The white really goes well with orange accents. Cattails. Cattails in a …Read More

4 Garden Update Ideas

Napa Valley Garden Creating a garden that features lavender, rosemary, irises, and fruit trees is a great concept. These plants are the theme of Napa Valley and paring these plants with some large rocks is a great way to create a fresh looking and smelling garden. Elevated Steps Elevated steps are a great way to create some dimension and asymmetric aesthetic. Floral Walkway Planting some bright flowers along a winding walkway can …Read More

5 Ways To Upgrade Your Outdoor Parties

Keep Mosquitos Away Instead of closing yourself off in a net try Off’s anti-mosquito candles. Set Up Outdoor Lighting Getting creative with your outdoor lighting doesn’t have to be expensive and it can take the whole experience to a new interesting level. We like string lights. Message In A Bottle Place cards We all love to Chinese restaurants because at the end we get fortune cookies. If you know who’s coming to …Read More

4 New Trends for 2016

Here are a few trends to keep you busy this summer. Mismatched Cabinets There is nothing wrong with a pure white kitchen, but it doesn’t hurt to be a little bold. Mismatching cabinets is a new trend that makes a statement without going overboard. Marble Accents Marble has always been a feature of homes but people are now adding little touches of marble with accent peaces. Bidets Bidets have never really …Read More

6 Designers Who Changed the world

We all look up to someone or have people in our lives that inspire us so much it determines the whole course of our careers. Here are six people who inspired us. Massimo Vignelli Massimo is best know for designing huge corporate logos like Ford, IBM and Bloomingdales. He brought forth a new era of typography that was the basis for apple computers design and the macintosh operating system. But what …Read More

Your Summer Checklist

Summer officially began on June 20 this year,  These 6 to-dos cover all the bases, so you can enjoy your month to the fullest. Install screen doors Installing screen doors is a great way to take advantage of the summer breeze without the annoyance of mosquito bites. reorganize the kitchen This is a great time to go over your kitchen’s functionality. A smoothy maker or ice cream maker might be something …Read More

4 tips to create a dramatic room.

Lighting Lighting is one of the most important aspects of a dramatic room. The key to making dramatic lighting is having a clear focal points. Try a chandelier over a dining table or shaded lamps in the bedroom. Bold colors Using bold unique colors create a dramatic feel in the room along with contrast. Working with two contrasting colors adds the most depth in a room. Shine and reflection Stainless …Read More

4 Outdoor Decorating tips

Fragrant rich flowers. Jasmine, Orange Trees, and hydrangeas are all fragrant rich plants. Add them to your outdoor spaces to give a more authentic outdoor feeling. Install Lighting. Create a romantic evening with friends and wine by adding string lights and a chandelier. Install sliding doors. Bring the outdoors to you by adding sliding doors. Add a mirror. Add a mirror to your outdoor space to give it some unique …Read More

5 Colors that will be huge this summer.

Sunny Yellow. This fun color will be used to create contrast this summer. You can’t help but smile in a room with this color. To  make this color pop without being overdone use it on accent pillows paired with a soft neutral such as gray or white. Exotic Orange. Bright orange is a instant energizer. This color is bold. A temporary wall decal can be a great way to have …Read More

4 ways to take your living room to the next level.

1.add a designer rug. A great rug can set a room apart completely. usually its the last thing designers think about. but rugs can really make a statement. 2.add accessories. If you feel like your room is looking a little plain. add some cool accessories and trinkets. stacked books on the coffee table. or cascading candle holders. maybe some weird geometric shapes. have fin with it. 3.add a mirror Adding …Read More

5 qualities of amazing interior design.

symmetry Really knowing how items look in relation to one another and knowing how and where to draw the eye is a clear sign of an expert. contrast Contrast in design seems like a simple thing but in he real world its one of the most difficult things to pull off without creating clutter. If you know how to create proper contrast then you have most likely been a decorator …Read More

4 Tips For Picking Room Color

Think About Your Mood Will your room be a warm get away, a bright natural sun room for summer? or a vibrant living room. knowing the mood will allow you to narrow down all the color options. Start Small if you’re not sure where to start experimenting with smaller rooms or individual walls first is a good way to go. Not to mention if you mess up its a lot …Read More

5 Interior design tips to get you ready for summer.

1. Make use of bright eye catching fabrics. It seems like everyone wants to be grey or white these days but there are some really amazing fabrics on the market that are both durable and fun. Bringing in some bright solid colors or some nice patterns is a really great way to make your furniture stand out. 2. Keep everything simple. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Not going overboard with accents and …Read More

4 Design trends you need to know about in 2016

Dining rooms Remember when we used to actually use are dining rooms? According to houzz more and more home owners are keeping there dining rooms instead of converting them into some type of media room or office. Mixed materials in kitchens In 2016 more people are opting for a more personalized unique feel instead of opting in for the high polish uniform feeling for their kitchens.  Vintage peaces have been …Read More