Hear from Carla Valencia of Carla Valencia Designs on what instigated her to start creating bespoke facemasks and how you can place your order for one today!

“Just like most of the nation, when the lockdown started our primary concern the first few weeks was taking care of our family and trying to great a new sense of normal at home, so honestly, Carla Valencia Design took a back seat. However, my ever-restless father was starting to talk about making masks. I wasn’t on the mask making ship at the beginning, but my father researched patterns and started creating his version. I finally gave in, and the minute I posted our samples “BOOM” we were slammed with orders.

Carla Valencia Design Facemasks 1

We use vintage (unused) European Tea Towels to make our masks, we get about 7 out of each print making them super limited edition. We also use interior design quality fabrics. The masks are double lined with a washable filter sewn in the middle. We use contrasting stitching and ties to make our masks as soft and fun as a mask can possibly be! Add a patch, hand embroidery or any other extra! Just like our purse straps – our masks are customized to each client.”

           —Carla Valencia, Carla Valencia Design

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