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We sat down with Rainey Richardson of Rainey Richardson Interiors and RR Home to find out about her design philosophy, her most memorable project, her showroom RR Home, and what sets her design studio apart from the rest.

Rainey Richardson launched her design career in 2001. Upon receiving numerous inquiries from friends on who designed her home, Rainey began to offer design consultations for an hourly rate. Her passion quickly turned into a part-time career, until she became so busy, she left her Texas History teaching job. Rainey worked out of her home until 2009 when she moved her design firm, Rainey Richardson Interiors, into a 1,000 square foot studio in the Houston Design Center. In 2016, she opened her 4,500 square foot luxury furnishings showroom in the Houston Design Center, now called RR Home.

January Showroom Spotlight With Rainey Richardson 2

Her design philosophy adheres to the concept of functional beauty. First, she sits down with her clients to discover their lifestyle and what they need for a particular space in their home. Her measure of success is always how accurately a finished space reflects the client. “My favorite word is edit”, she said, on what her approach is when designing a new space. In an age where more is more, her approach is simple: create a practical, beautiful and unique space tailored to the lifestyle of the client.

When asked what has inspired her lately, she replied that she gets her inspiration from each of her clients, who they are as people, the makeup of their family, the places they have traveled and the stories they tell her. She challenges her clients to see past their comfort zone, while at the same time creating a design aesthetic that is uniquely individual. She attributes a lot of her success to her attention to each project: “When you hire Rainey Richardson Interiors, you get Rainey Richardson. We keep the size of our firm small because we want each client to feel the personal attention and facetime of Rainey Richardson…We are always excited when someone chooses us to help them design their home because we know that they are going to win, that the end result will be something that they can love and live in”.

Her most memorable project, Rainey said, was the Coastal Transitional home that she designed for a client in Port O’Connor. The 6,000 sq. ft, 8-bedroom home was designed and built in 151 days and won every award in the 2015 Crossroads Parade of Homes. She went on to design several more homes across Texas for the client. “Take every opportunity”, Rainey said, noting how the Coastal Transitional project helped set the trajectory of her design career to lead her where she is today.


January Showroom Spotlight With Rainey Richardson 3

Rainey Richardson Interiors was the springboard for the opening of her luxury furniture showroom, RR Home. Initially called Off-White, they rebranded 6 months ago, introducing RR Home as their showroom. Within RR Home, located in the Houston Design Center, you can find space planned vignettes that allow clients to easily imagine the furniture pieces in their own homes.

They partner with some of the top furniture manufacturers in the country and offer their pieces through their private label showroom. Their products are bench-made in the United States, ensuring the quality of craftsmanship in your piece to last a lifetime. You can choose from numerous customization options, from the curvature of the arm of a sofa, to what fabric you want it covered in. What can also be found in her showroom is her favorite current design trend: the feature wall. From bold geometrics to soft textures, the feature walls in RR Home create interest and depth that help set the stage for clients seeking inspiration in their own homes.

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What’s next for Rainey Richardson? She has her eyes set to the custom home-building business with the newest extension of her brand, RR Homes. They are about to begin development on two lots in the Heights to mark the beginning of this new venture, a project which she is very excited about.

Whether you’re buying a chair, remodeling a room, or need help designing a custom-built home, Rainey Richardson Interiors offers you the expertise, attention, and unique eye for design that will not only be beautiful but be specifically tailored to the needs of you and your lifestyle. “We can help in all aspects with an expert design perspective”. See below to follow her on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with her latest exciting projects and news.

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