There’s’ no doubt that the south has its own way of doing things. We are different with just about everything, from our manners to the cars we drive, and even our interior design.  In this post, we are going to look at the top new trends that are southern-inspired and created.

Rustic Chic

In the south, we have our own way of doing chic. A term used with designers is “rustic chic”. The way you pull this off is by mixing high-end design with rustic accents. You will want to mix the materials, but try to have some flow and congruency in the colors.

Image Courtesy MAIHouston Instagram

Colorful Rugs

Southern interior design is full of color. A great way to add color is through a hand made artisan rug. This is the perfect complement to hardwood floors.

Stand Out Pieces

What’s special about southern design is how sophisticated it can actually be. A lot of designers will incorporate real contemporary art and stand out pieces you might see in a New York loft or gallery just to elevate the whole look.

Bold Patterns

The south has come along way from the pure white look. Designers are leaning more towards colors and the way to makes these colors pop out is through bold and nature-inspired patterns.