The Top Color Trends Of 2019 1

Dark Green

Dark greens are a great choice for 2019. It’s a timeless color that has a worldly value and is commonly found in nature. This color transitions very well between furniture, cabinetry and other design elements.

The Top Color Trends Of 2019 2

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Saturated Blues

2019 is about the organic feel, but it’s also about color and saturated blue colors work very well with current trends and take advantage of rooms with an abundance of natural light.

The Top Color Trends Of 2019 3

Off Whites

Pure white is a classic choice and the go-to for many home owners, but off whites offer subtle nuances that adapt to surrounding colors. This is great for minimalistic designs that still want to feel dynamic.

The Top Color Trends Of 2019 4

Hints Of Grey 

Grey is a versatile color that comes in many shades and hues. In 2019 you will see deeper colors mixed with blues, purples, and greens. Grey will also be a color used to emphasize other elements and colors instead of an overall theme.

The Top Color Trends Of 2019 5