Restoring Houston History 1

Lighting Treasures at The Houston Design Center has been busy for the past couple of months restoring some of Houstons most rare antique chandeliers. Hurricane Harvey that took the Texas coast by surprise back in August of 2017 left a path of destruction and the city of Houston underwater for over a week. Many of Houston’s historical homes were flooded and are in the process of renovation. At Lighting Treasures they have received a large amount of restoration requests.

Their work area is full of incredible antique lighting that they have restored. The team at lighting Treasures has talented craftsmen who have the specific skills necessary to restore such old and high-value antique lighting without causing any more further damage.

Restoring Houston History 2

Most of the chandeliers they work on can actually not be recreated due to the specific level of craftsmanship and skill that just simply does not exist anymore, so their clients turn to them and are actually saving money by having them restore their antique lighting.

Restoring Houston History 3

Lighting Treasures has seen all types of damage, from Chandeliers that were completely submerged and rusted to one that fell to the floor. They have been able to restore everything, even broken or bent arms. The chandelier below has multiple bent arms but soon it will return to its former glory.

Restoring Houston History 4

If you or a client has lighting that needs to be restored do not hesitate to contact Lighting Treasures in showroom #151

Phone: (713) 523-5267