All Wood Rooms

All wood rooms were left back in the 70s right? A few high rise developments in Canada are embracing the all-wood look in a new way. Taking inspiration from Japanese design and blending it with modern layouts and accents, you get something quite clean and modern while also feeling warm and inviting.

The Hidden Kitchen

As the open concept becomes more popular and people cooking less the kitchen is starting to become more of an entertainment-focused space. The hidden kitchen trend does exactly what it sounds like, it hides all of the kitchen cabinets and appliances behind almost seamless panels that blend in with the rest of the room.

Painted Hardwood

Initially, this seems like a bad idea, until you actually see it. The key to this look is not just the paint but using the wood to create a pattern you might only see in tile. Wood allows for much larger patterns than tile could.

Animal Lamps

If you are looking for something a little eclectic and Avant guard, you can now find full-sized animal lamps. One of the more popular is the black horse, which is very chic. If you want something a little smaller and possibly a little more toned down they also make bird lamps which are unique.

Ceiling Art

This was originally started by hotels looking to attract attention, but now you are starting to find homeowners actually incorporating their own ceiling art pieces in entryways. Most of them feature light in the designs which could make this the new modern form of chandeliers.