The 2019 Milan Furniture Fair recently took place. This is one of the industry’s leading events where furniture designers and manufacturers gather to showcase their new trends and design pieces. Here are the 5 stand out trends from the fair.


Sharp Objects

Clean and sharp angles were a theme of the fair. This trend was spotted on coffee tables, chairs, and even bedding. The key is the corners, instead of just straight horizontal or vertical lines; we see much more use of angles to create design interest.

Design Art

A fresh new trend noticed at many booths is something called “design art”. It’s all about finding the art in design. Instead of creating something solely as art or design this trend mixes the two together.

Oversized Objects 

This was another big trend at the fair and we have also seen this lately in upscale modern homes. Oversized objects are a fresh new way of expressing yourself and adding a little wow factor to your communal areas. There are now a group of artisans in Las Angeles focusing on only oversized object art.

Retro Textiles 

Fabrics with their design roots in the 1970s were featured in many displays at the fair which included wide-wale corduroy, shags, velvets and bouclés.

Nature Inspired 

Another big trend was nature-inspired pieces . What is interesting is some of these pieces were meant to make a statement about our current environment and climate change. This table below is inspired by coral and is displayed in the color tone “bleach”, which makes a direct statement about the disappearing coral reefs.