Bold & Strong

This kitchen features industrial materials with a backsplash of marble. This kitchen feels strong, yet beautiful and the narrow accent lighting brings everything together nicely.

Vintage Vibe

This is a fantastic combination of traditional and modern elements. The modern kitchen countertop feels large and current while the wicker seating takes the design in an interesting direction that seems new and also comfortable.

Open Concept

This open concept is gorgeous. Everything feels open and airy. The bronze accents go perfectly with the marble table and the wine display creates a heightened sense of sophistication. In fact a wine display like that is very cost affective and has a huge impact.

Statement Lighting

This apartment features a beautiful oversized custom art piece. It was inspired by the shape of women’s hats worn when attending the Kentucky derby in the 1800s.

Mix Matched

This kitchen defies most design sense. It has a mix match of colors, shapes, and finishes. But by adding in the green accents it really makes this kitchen a stand out design.