Animalistic Qualities

Artists and furniture designers are creating objects and furniture that are inspired by the proportions & movement of animals. For example, a sofa might have a regal stance or a letter opener could mimic a wave or a sea squid.

Sustainable Alternatives

Each year we see new and creative alternatives in sustainable design. At this year’s show, a young designer showed off leather upholstery made from apples.


Gilt metal and velvet are two luxurious materials, but they don’t often collaborate together. That was until London based Fromental’s showcased their velvet wallpaper with painted on gilt.

Earth Inspired

Swedish Designer Lars Nillson featured a rug made of hand woven wool, linen, and undyed sheep fur. The rug evokes a geographical feel that you might see from erosion in a canyon.

Fresh 50’s 

French Collective Numero111 featured a bedside table that evoked the easy-going feel of mixed materials from 50’s furniture but added his own modern design touch with curved detail.