Forest Green

Forest green is going to be a popular color scheme for fall this year. It fits the fall season and works perfectly for rooms that already have brass accessories or black accents.

Dark Acrylic

We all know about acrylic but an interesting fall trend is dark acrylic accents. It creates a smokey quartz feeling and pairs perfectly with dark tone woods, black mirrors, and warm lighting for a luxurious feeling.

Pops Of Orange

Adding a pop of orange works perfectly in a grey room setting. We love the vertical lines from the drapery in the image below. We also like the different shades of orange used through the room in the seating and table accessories.


Wicker has already been big this year and it’s going to continue through fall. You can take wicker from a summer to a fall look by removing blue accents and white colors and replacing it with grey colors. Wicker also works well with green or blush accents.

Large Knits

Large knitted throws and accessories add a very unique texture to a room. It creates a very warm and cozy feeling while keeping things looking modern. This is definitely a must-have accessory and you can find these types of items in a large color range to fit any design.