Matte Navy

Matte navy is one of those colors that when you see it you wonder why we haven’t been using it like this all along. The matte finish keeps the color understated and mature without having to reduce the amount you use in a room. It also makes any brass, gold, or bronze accents stand out.

Teals & Warm Pastels

There is a movement away from flashy finishes and all-white interiors. The more natural look is proving to be very popular. We predict this trend will continue. Teals and pastels go perfectly with this trend while still having an undertone of white, making the homes still feel bright and spacious.


People are understanding more about how interiors affect mood. Monochromatic interiors make a room less busy and create a calming feeling.  It began to get popular in 2019. We believe you will hear more about this design style in 2020.

Sandstone Wallpaper

Wallpaper is still around and very popular, it’s just evolving. Something we are going to see more of in 2020 is a wallpaper that mimics natural features you might see in nature. Like a sandstone texture, or even geode, marble, and concrete. It’s more about creating a texture than a design.

Moody Greens

Green is making a comeback. Moody green tones fit perfectly within the natural trend and help add some bold color that fits well in almost any home. If you really want to embrace this color we recommend a few walnut colored pieces.