Mirrored Vanity Drawers

Mirrored drawers are a stunning way to add chic style.  Pair these with natural stone floors and a guilt antique mirror to finish the look. This type of design will also greatly expand the room making it look much bigger.

Concrete Bathtub

Freestanding cast concrete bathtubs are visually stunning and they can create a sculptural focal point in your master bathroom. The look is modern & luxurious with a hint of old-world charm.

Wall to Wall Bathroom Windows

If you have an unobstructed view and privacy is not a concern nothing could be better than adding natural light while giving you a dramatic view of the surrounding landscape. Let the sunshine in.

Bath side Fireplace

Having a fireplace right next to the tub is a fabulous feature to incorporate into your bathroom design. Your very own mini spa getaway is perfect for relaxing and regenerating after a long day or just starting your day in a tranquil environment.

Glamorous Chandelier

Most people don’t normally think of the master bathroom as the place to hang a chandelier, but it can add a perfect touch of luxury and beautiful illumination.