The first thing you should pay attention to when searching for an interior designer is reviews. Were they referred to you by a friend or family member?

Does The Budget Work

While a designer should always stay on budget, if you find a designer who can actually enhance your design by working within your budget this is a sign that they have great connections with showrooms and suppliers.

Does Their Portfolio Match Your Style

A lot of designers can do multiple design styles, but pay attention to what the overwhelming theme of the designer is, that will most likely convey what they are comfortable with and excel at.

Find Designers Who Are Accredited Or Experienced

This ensures that you will work with a designer who has the education and the experience required to practice professionally.

How Much Control Do You Want

Do you have an idea planned out in your mind or are you looking for someone to come up with something for you? This is an important thing to know and communicate upfront so everyone is aware of their roles in the working relationship.