Candles & Fresh Greenery

A quick and easy way to get any table ready for Thanksgiving is by adding some tall candles and fresh greenery. We like this bronze look. It really pairs well with the green elements.

Flower Bowl

Another simple idea is by adding flowers to a fruit bowl. It’s actually a very unique and chic look. The levels add a vertical dimension making it more of a centerpiece display.

Bar Cart

A bar cart is a great simple addition. Use it to serve drinks and to display other things like flowers, accessories and coffee table books. It works as a small console.

Patterned Table Cloth

Instead of using a regular white table cloth, why not try something with more design? You can see how the table cloth below creates a more modern aesthetic. Another great way to add a little texture is by using a linen material.

Don’t Forget Scents

Smell plays an important role in the holiday season. You could always add candles but another great way to add some natural fragrances into your home is with a bowl of oranges with whole cloves and cinnamon sticks.