Modern Centered

This arrangement works perfectly in a loft or square living room space. This arrangement is made for everyday use, with a maximum amount of comfortable seating.

Music Focused

If you are musically inclined then this arrangement expresses that part of your personality by making a large piano center focus. The piano goes perfectly with the low seating which emphasizes the piano even more.

Collection Display

If you consider yourself a world traveler and have a collection of interesting objects then placing your seating next to a display shelf can be a beautiful choice. Be deliberate about what you decide to display because if you have too much it can look cluttered.

Discussion Room

If you have a smaller living area and don’t want to overwhelm the space with a couch or sectional then you could turn it into a conversation area. 4 armed chairs around a circular table are very functional for get-togethers, and it looks amazing.

Abstract Chairs

Sometimes thinking a little differently can create a unique look. For example this hanging swing chair adds more seating and lends an interesting design element to the space.