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The 2019 Guide To Window Treatments

Windows aren’t something you think about all the time as a part of design, but this is actually one of the most crucial home elements right next to the kitchen that will affect the look of your home, it’s also one of the biggest investments, that’s why it’s important to get it right.

Design Or Investment

The first thing to consider about your window treatments is what you value more, the look of your home or the value of your home. Thinking about this first will change how you buy window treatments. If you are of the investment mind set then go for something more neutral and permanent like wood shutters instead of elaborate curtains.

Black Window Frames

White window frames are the traditional approach but if you have a house that already has a primarily white exterior or interior then opting for black frames are a popular choice in 2019 that really outlines your windows and creates a dramatic and current feel.

Modern Panels

If your home is modern or you want the flexibility of exposing your windows completely while also having the utility of blinds when you need them, then panel track blinds are not only useful but very stylish with their horizontal lines fitting modern designs and casting moody shadows during the day.

Custom & Eclectic

If you are going to go for curtains then there is nothing more unique and beautiful than custom floor to ceiling curtains with a designer fabric. Custom Curtains really are the only way to complete a custom designed room in a traditional or transitional design. Going custom gives you the flexibility to truly match color tones and access to a larger selection of unique fabrics.

Art Screens

Art screens have been around for a while but are breaking away from the traditional designs and finding their way into transitional home designs. This is a great way to create a unique focal point in the home if you don’t want to go for curtains.

Panel Screens

If curtains and blinds aren’t for you then you could consider panels. These are ideal for home automation considering how thin they are and their ability to fold easily.

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