Houston Design, Architecture & Custom Home Building Firms

Houston design firms will find the amenities, space, and creative inspiration that they are looking for here at the Houston Design Center. Our unique facility has slowly become a regional hub for the design industry — everything ranging from custom home building and architecture to interior decorating professionals who specialize in everything from fabric, stone/tile, windows, and interior design.

We’re home to architecture firms in Houston in addition to a wide range of companies belonging to the design industry while also providing first-class office space for professional services companies. The Houston Design Center is also unique because we are open to the public, providing consumers from all over the country the chance to browse a wide selection of designs at one, convenient location.

Houston Custom Home Builders

Why the Houston Design Center is perfect for Houston custom home builders, architects, and other design professionals

In order to be one of the best interior design firms in Houston, you need the necessary space to create and also connect directly with the public so that you can show off your design and promote your services.

Space For The Best Interior Design Firms in Houston

Here at the Houston Design Center, we provide our tenants with everything they need to thrive in their respective industries. Houston design firms and related professionals will find:

  • An accessible facility located in the heart of Houston. With easy highway access and free parking, the logistics of getting your team to work every day is seamless — you can focus on the more pressing matters at hand, which is creating.
  • Design studios and showrooms. Whether architecture firms in Houston are looking for space to create, or they want to display their designs in one of our over 430 showrooms, we have the available space needed.
  • Modern, cutting-edge amenities and facility. The Houston Design Center provides professionals with access to our sprawling, open-air campus that is nestled in a forested area, providing modern conveniences but a serene aesthetic to breed creative inspiration.

At the Houston Design Center, we welcome Houston design firms to connect with us to take a free tour of our facility and experience the many great things for themselves.