Custom Furniture Design And Upholstery

Designer Textiles and Fabric

Connect with a custom furniture designer in Houston, and sample their work at the same time, by planning your visit to the Houston Design Center.

The Houston Design Center is the professional home for a long list of interior design and decorating professionals. Our tenants range from custom home builders and architects to interior decorators.

Not only do they use our studio space to create, but we also feature over 280,000 square feet of showroom, where they are able to display their work. These showrooms are open to the general public, making the Houston Design Center a veritable hub for creative design inspiration.

Featuring high-end fabrics for upholstery and custom drapery in Houston

In the world of interior design and decorating, even the seemingly minor decisions prove crucial, like the fabric for your furniture’s upholstery. Selecting high-end fabrics for upholstery is also a process that is best done in person, making our showrooms a great option.

Our tenants include those that specialize in fabrics and textiles. If you’re looking for a custom furniture designer in Houston, you can also find that here, too.

 By perusing our sprawling showrooms, you can reap creative inspiration from the styles and designs that you’ll find or even chat with the professionals behind this work to pick their brains on what might work best for your purposes.

Visit our showrooms with performance fabrics in Houston

Custom doors, flooring solutions, fabrics/textiles, antique furniture — you’ll find it all in one place: the Houston Design Center.

Conveniently located at 7026 Old Katy Road, and accessible to shoppers that come to us from all around Houston, the Houston Design Center invites you to take the day and browse what our community has to offer.

Whether you’re seeking a custom furniture designer in Houston, or just need some ideas, you’ll find it here!