Custom Bathroom & Kitchen Design Firms

Connecting with the right custom bathroom design firms is an essential step in overhauling a bathroom inside of your home or commercial building.

This is a room of your home that requires special consideration and accommodations when it comes to developing a fresh new design. A bathroom needs features and design that is both stylish yet functional and resilient to the endless barrage of moisture it will face.

At the Houston Design Center, we proudly present the work of a high-end kitchen designer in Houston within our showroom. We boast over 40 different showrooms that feature everything from custom flooring and upscale bathroom tile and fixtures to windows, doors, fabrics, lighting, and more.

Considered as the epicenter of interior design in Houston, the Houston Design Center brings together designers, custom home builders, architects and a wide range of other design professionals under one roof.

Everything from stone countertops in Houston to beautiful, resilient fixtures

When you’re re-designing a bathroom (or any other room for that matter) as a professional or a weekend do-it-yourselfer, the Houston Design Center makes the process easy by bringing local professionals and their work together in one place for a convenient shopping experience.

Custom and High-End Bathroom and Kitchen Design Firms

Our showrooms are open to the public daily and we welcome you to connect with the custom bathroom design firms that call our campus-style facility home. With a convenient location that makes us readily accessible to those in all areas of Houston and great proximity to other amenities (i.e. restaurants), the Houston Design Center is a hands-on way of connecting with a high-end kitchen designer in Houston instead of trying to find one online. 

Whether you’re ready to buy, or you simply want creative inspiration, the custom bathroom design firms at the Houston Design Center are ready to deliver. Make plans to visit us today!