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5 Traditional Design Elements That Will Never Go Out Of Style


Archways have been a key element of interior design and architecture for thousands of years. Archways can bring depth and balance to a building.

Ornate Ceilings

Ornate ceilings will never go out of style. They look amazing with traditional looks but they also create a cool contrasting look with modern furniture as well that gives it a high class tasteful feeling. It helps add back the details modern homes are usually missing.

Crystal Chandeliers

Crystal chandeliers are something truly special. If you find an antique crystal chandelier it is a piece to hold on to because no one is able to recreate them in the same way because of the time it takes. Crystal chandeliers give off a presence in a room that no other lighting fixture can achieve. It’s one of the only lighting fixtures that is actually admired and shown off like a work of art in the home.

French chairs

The french chair is an organic and regal design that is finding its way into almost every home despite it being a very old design. You can see french chairs in completely traditional homes and also reupholstered in modern fabrics in a New York penthouse.

Gilded Mirrors

A gold gilded mirror is a true asset to any room. Usually hung above the fireplace it not only makes the room feel larger but also offers a sense of authority in the room.

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