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Your Summer Checklist

Summer officially began on June 20 this year,  These 6 to-dos cover all the bases, so you can enjoy your month to the fullest.

Install screen doors

Installing screen doors is a great way to take advantage of the summer breeze without the annoyance of mosquito bites.

reorganize the kitchen

This is a great time to go over your kitchen’s functionality. A smoothy maker or ice cream maker might be something to bring down from the top shelf.

Update emergency supplies

If you have kids summer is full of fun adventures and outdoor activities that are usually accompanied by scrapes and scratches. Making sure you have up to date medical supplies is a good idea.

Set up a place to dry beach towels 

Having a place for wet towels and clothes is a great way to ensure they won’t end up on furniture.


lighten up decor

Bringing in lighter drapes and fabric colors really makes the house feel more open and fresh.

schedule major outdoor projects

Give yourself a project this summer. Build that deck or outdoor area you have always wanted. Some of my favorite childhood memories were building a garden in our back yard and eating our own fresh vegetables during summer.


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