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Top Design Styles From Around The World

Spain: Modern Elegance

Spain has a very unique design style. What you will see throughout the country is elegant exterior architecture that has been preserved while interiors have been modernly renovated. It creates a synergy of old a new that is unique and beautiful.

Australia: Nature Inspired

What you will see in Australia is a form of minimalism, but unlike Denmark, Australia has a large emphasis on nature. You will see this reflected in color choices, materials like wicker and earthy tones in art.

Croatia: Luxe Lounging

Croatia is a beautiful country with old architecture. Designers here are embracing the old heritage by keeping designs similar to the past but with new fresh colors. What you will find here is the use of brass, Mohair fabrics and thin leading lines in the furniture.

Japan: Meaningful Minimalism

Japan might be the true beginning of what we call minimalism today.  Everything is done with a purpose. There is nothing missing, while there is also nothing unnecessary. You will find natural light woods, a large emphasis on natural light and paper lighting.

England: Eclecticism

When it comes to ornate, elegant interiors England is still the leader. Their style is defined by beautiful crown molding and furniture with fabric. It’s a timeless look that has only changed slightly over time with the use of more trendy colors and the occasional use of things like brass or acrylic.

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