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Top 5 Outdoor Design Trends For 2018

Here are the top 5 outdoor design trends for 2018 according to the Wall Street Journal.

Grown Up Glow

Take down the string lights and go for an outdoor lighting fixture with shaded fabrics. It’s a more organized and less scattered approach to outdoor lighting.

Fine-Boned Furniture.

The outdoor areas are being viewed as a natural extension of interiors instead of it being separated. Brown blocky mesh outdoor furniture is on its way out and full framed furniture similar to what you see in interiors is the new trend.

Discreet Naturals

Similar to the trends we are seeing in wallpaper people are going for a more toned down, natural and textured appearance to outdoor fabrics instead of loud bright patterns.

Single Species.

Horticultural jumbles are being replaced with single plant species. It makes for a more impactful, fresh and modern composition.

Unpredictable Wicker

Say goodbye to those wrought-iron and bent wire furnishings. Natural wicker works great as an accent piece that speaks of summer and shade, green lawns and luxury.

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