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The Top 5 Gardening Trends For 2019

Architectural Arrangement

Gardens are now being incorporated directly into architectural features. They can be made to look as if they are apart of the house. This is a big trend in architecture design because more clients want to be more environmentally conscious.

Indoor Smart Gardens

Plants and gardening are becoming more accessible to more people. Before you had to have a piece of land, but now you can create an indoor garden. A hand full of innovative companies have created indoor vertical gardening systems that not only look beautiful, but they are connected to smart devices that makes keeping the plants healthy a simple process.

Gardening For a Changing Climate

The climate is experiencing more extreme fluctuations in places like the southern United States and the UK. A challenge for home owners has been finding plants and creating gardens that can cope with these changes.

Vibrant Colors

Some people want a break from the solid green garden and are incorporating more color. A trend for 2019 is people incorporating vibrant hot colors combined with deep purples and blues.

Front Gardens

Gardening experts are reporting more projects for front gardens than for backyard gardens. This suggests that people want to show off their gardens and landscape design will have a larger focus on complimenting the shape of a home, so we will start to see more angular designs.


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