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The 5 Biggest Interior Design Mistakes You Don’t Realize You’re Making

Buying Furniture First, planning second.

It’s easy to get inspired and start buying furniture that you really like when you are out shopping, but if you don’t have a real plan of what you want to create, this can be dangerous. By the time all the furniture arrives, you might notice the scale is not exactly what you thought, and the colors could be totally off.

Not Incorporating Your Own Style

We see inspirational designs in magazines all the time, and it could be tempting to just want to copy something you see. But you’re missing out on the real reason for interior design. It’s a form of expression communicating aspects of your personality to the world, so don’t forget to do something that is uniquely you.

Hanging Art Too High

Another common mistake is hanging art too high. This is something interior designers notice all the time. Next time you’re hanging art follow Humphrey’s hanging tip: “Eye level or so is a good starting point and I always err on the lower side of that.”

Arranging Furniture Flush Against The Wall

For some reason, people love to push their furniture all the way against the wall. People do this to “create more space” but in fact, they just have oversized furniture. Try measuring your room first, opting for slightly smaller pieces, and focus on conversational furniture pieces like chairs that can be grouped together.

Fear Of Color

If you really know what you’re doing an all-white home can be beautiful, but in most cases, people don’t have all white homes to make a design statement, it’s because they are afraid of incorporating color.  Adding color doesn’t mean you have to paint everything, start by introducing color through rugs, and accent pieces. You might notice a positive difference.

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