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Summer Of Giving At The Houston Design Center

Every year the Houston Design Center hosts the Design Sample Sale where designer furniture showrooms liquidate floor samples and extra furniture pieces and accessories to get ready for the new season. The Designer Sample Sale has always been an amazing opportunity for the general public to come by and pick up some amazing deals on designer furniture while enjoying a little entertainment at the same time.

This year might have been the most successful year for the showrooms at The Houston Design Center ever. Showrooms not only reduced their prices to the general public but also donated significant amounts of furniture to the Furniture Bank. So much was donated that the Furniture Bank will be returning next week for more furniture donations! These donations help needed families who need furnishings to make their apartment or house a home

With selections at half of wholesale prices young audiences were able to pick up their first piece. We heard a touching story of a family suffering from a recent home fire who were able to get new furniture peaces and make their house a home again.

Many fabrics were also donated to local quilters, school teachers and design students.  Some were making table place mats and runners!  Two of the most unexpected uses though were a child whose grandmother was going to help her make doll clothes, and teachers of the blind who were searching for textured fabrics that they could cut into shapes that the blind students could feel to understand the shape of objects or symbols.

The designer Sample Sale was truly an amazing success this year and we are incredibly touched by some of the amazing stories that came from the event.

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