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How To Pick Your Interior Design Style

Look at the style of your home first

If you live in a historic elegant estate going all modern might not be the best choice. Examine the architecture of your home and find a complementary style.

Learn from your clothing style

Looking at your own style is a good way to get inspiration for your space. Are you very professional or are you more earthy and relaxed. Interior design is art you can live in so you might as well compliment yourself and create a space that reflects you.

What type of art do you like

Do you like floral and elegant art or do you prefer geometric patterns and abstract shapes. This can help you find inspiration for fabrics that can match your art preference and tie everything together.

Make it your own

Dont just copy pictures from pottery barn make it your own. Make the art yourself. Figure out what inspires you and reflect that through your space.

For some extra fun check out this Quiz on houzz.


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