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Make Small Rooms Feel Bigger With These Design Ideas

Extended Shelving

This is a strategic configuration that appears to give the room more height which creates the appearance of a higher ceiling.


If the room has no windows then you can add mirrors to make the space feel more open.

Glass Walls

If you can incorporate glass into a room it can really open the area up and make it feel much larger.

Sliding Door

Instead of a traditional door on a hinge, you can use a sliding door. It’s actually a very unique and beautiful design element that can set your design apart while also saving you space.

Light Colors

Dark colors can make a room feel cozy, but they also absorb light instead of reflecting it, making the space feel smaller. Opting for light colors will make the room feel bright and open.

Lucite Items

Glass and Lucite pieces are in style right now and can make your room feel larger by not taking up too much visual space.

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