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How To Make Your Designs Stand Out and Look Unique

We all want our home designs to be amazing, but sometimes it can be difficult to create a custom unique look. In this blog post we are going to give you 5 tips to help your designs stand out and look amazing.

The Past

When designing a home think about your past or the clients past and what happened in their life that was important to them, and then try to incorporate that into their home design.

Flip Something

Find something in your design that you can flip on its head, maybe it’s a piece of art that is displayed upside down, or maybe it’s a chandelier displayed upside down. You could even go further by making the inside of the home feel like you are outside with big windows and vegetation.

Throw Away Your Magazines

If you’re trying to be truly unique, you need to stop looking at magazines and online for inspiration. Instead you need to look for inspiration somewhere in the real world.

Go Custom

Whether it’s custom furniture, doors, glass, or flooring, doing something custom in the home is sure to make it stand out. One of our favorite custom features is a wine cellar built into the floor.

Hire An Artists

Instead of using wallpaper, hire artists to paint a real custom piece right on the wall. There are many talented local artists who are willing to do this, and you will be surprised at the result and price.


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