Local Houston Organizations & Non-Profits

The Houston Design Center provides first-class office accommodations for local Houston organizations

Whether you are someone looking for non-profit offices in Houston, or for a new home for your professional services company, Houston Design Center is ready to meet your needs with a modern, convenient, easily accessible facility located in the heart of the Houston Design District.

Providing First-Class Offices For Non-Profit Organizations & Other Businesses

Home to interior design associations in Houston and other non-profits, the Houston Design Center can fit the needs of more than just those in the design industry. 

  • Easily accessible. Located at 7026 Old Katy Road in the heart of the Houston Design District, the Houston Design Center is close to Memorial Park, great local restaurants and amenities, and prominent Houston neighborhoods. Enjoy easy access to all of Houston with just a quick drive.
  • Locally owned and managed by on-site professionals that are there to address your needs. Local Houston organizations enjoy this hands-on approach as they are able to address any issues that might arise during the workweek.
  • Modern, beautiful, and peaceful. The Houston Design Center features 12.5 acres of fenced property that boasts our open-air facility. We offer a quiet environment with water features, expansive lawns, and plenty of space. 

Looking for non-profit offices in Houston?

Whether you’re a nonprofit, a professional services business, or are in the design industry, the Houston Design Center can accommodate your company’s needs. 

Local Houston organizations can connect with our team to learn more about the Houston Design Center and our leasing options.