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Interior Designer and Author Extraordinaire Stephanie Stokes to Visit Houston Design Center’s Fixtures & Fittings


HOUSTON—APRIL 2014—New York author and interior designer, Stephanie Stokes will visit Houston this spring, making an appearance at Fixtures & Fittings at the Houston Design Center. Stokes will be on hand for a reception and to sign copies of her recently published Rizzoli title, Elegant Rooms That Work: Fantasy and Function in Interior Design, on Tuesday, May 13 from 6:30-8:30 pm. This event is being held as part of Luxe Interiors + Design’s Second Tuesday series. “I’m absolutely thrilled that Aaron Laine and Fixtures & Fittings are hosting this event. It’s a delight to know that I’ll be surrounded by exquisite and luxurious fittings and accessories for the bath in a magnificent setting,” said Stephanie Stokes.

With consummate skill, Stephanie Stokes has designed apartments and houses all over the world and all with a unique challenge: how to deliver unparalleled efficiency of space without sacrificing style. In her book, ELEGANT ROOMS THAT WORK, Stokes explains how she translates her clients’’ fantasies into functional rooms. She is a master of creating comfortable and multipurpose spaces that include innovative cabinetry, flexible seating areas, and showcases for art collections. This design primer is organized by room type——from living rooms and kitchens to bedrooms and entryways. Stokes’’ ingenious solutions for creating a livable environment——from clever and attractive storage units to libraries that convert gracefully to guest rooms and home offices——are inspirational to all homeowners.

With exacting precision, Stokes plans every anticipated need and can turn diverse spaces into beautiful rooms with hidden storage and logical practicality, in pre-war buildings as well as new construction. Whether you live in a small apartment in New York City, the mountains of Colorado or a suburban house, Stokes can help you maximize and organize your space so that you can live graciously and with ease.

Some of Stokes’ tips and tricks include:

  • Setting up flexible rooms with multiple seating areas that are comfortable for all ages and can accommodate two to 20 people
  • Creating flexible closet interiors to allow clients to make adjustments to accommodate changing fashions
  • Installing clever pullouts in narrow, unused spaces for jewelry storage
  • Using the kick space area under kitchen cabinets for recessed drawers to store serving trays and maximizing free space on countertops by installing dropdown appliance garages
  • Repurposing old radiator cabinets as storage for firewood or vases
  • Giving one room five functions: a library can double as a guest room, home office, and a media room with a bar.

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