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5 Fresh New Lighting Design Ideas For 2019

Raw Edge

A raw edge lighting fixture follows the natural shape of an organic element built into the fixture. It’s an interesting new style that has a lot of character like this stunning slice of white alabaster.

Silhouette Lighting

Silhouette lighting is another new and fresh take on interior lighting. Instead of the lighting framing the fixture, silhouette lighting does the opposite with the fixture framing the light.

Indirect Lighting

Indirect lighting has been around for a while and it’s still one of the preferred methods of creating drama and high end luxury appeal in an interior. Indirect lighting comes in a spectrum of defined to diffused making it very flexible.

Reflective Shades

Reflective shades not to be confused with transparent shades are a fantastic new trend that pairs perfectly with transitional and organic design approaches. Reflective shades create a unique dynamic to the lighting giving it a metallic shimmer that regular shades can’t achieve.

Hidden Lighting

Hidden lighting is more of an art than a trend. It’s similar to indirect lighting only indirect lighting contains an obvious source of where the lighting is coming from. Hidden lighting is created to highlight features of an interior in such a way that at first glance you don’t even notice the lighting at all.

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