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Don’t Make These Interior Design Mistakes.


One of the worst and costliest things you can do is to not measure your room before buying furniture. If the scale of the furniture is off in relation to the size of the room it could make a room feel smaller than it actually is.

Not Asking For Help

Interior Design can seem straight forward and simple. But when you actually begin the process of designing a room, you can quickly realize how difficult it can be and you might be overwhelmed. Knowing when to ask an expert for help is the key to saving a lot of time and keeping frustration to a minimum.

Painting First

The most common mistake people make is painting first. Why is this first step a mistake?  It’s much easier to select your fabrics and textiles first, and then select complementary paint colors. Selecting fabrics to match a paint color is much more difficult.


Not incorporating your personality

This isn’t exactly a mistake, but a home is where you live and incorporating your life into it always makes your designs more interesting.

Copying Designs

Another fatal mistake is seeing a room design in a magazine and then trying to copy that design. It will never look quite as good as in the magazine or online because every home is different. Creating something more original is harder, but after some initial planning always yields a better look.

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