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Design Trends That Will Be In And Out In 2019

Out: Naked Light

Designers are moving away from naked lighting features. Over the past few years we have seen glass globe fixtures take over. That trend has officially peaked. Instead we will see subtle indirect fixtures that ofter softer diffused lighting. 

In: Light Tones

Some colors that are going to be popular in 2019 include blush, dusty pink, bronze and silver. Lighter airy overall themes with pops of bold color will be a popular trend going into 2019.

Out: Eccentric Upholstery

Over the top upholstery with outlandish designs and jewel colors are out this year. Finishes should completely envelope the space and generally be textural rather than patterned when it comes to upholstery.

In: Sustainable Hand Made Pieces

Items made by hand using sustainable materials are in. People need grounding elements in their homes to feel more in touch. Consumers are also choosing to feature pieces sourced from local craftsmen in order to have that local connection.

In: Rattan Wicker

The return of wicker is trending in unexpected ways. Wicker is getting a modern update and will be used to create stunning lighting features and seating. It’s a more organic option that provides similar geometric features that wire frame chairs do but without the cold stiffness.

In: Acrylic Furniture

Acrylic is great for making rooms feel more modern and architectural while also not taking up a lot of visual space and keeping things open. It goes well with the bright color palettes that we will be seeing in 2019.

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