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The Best Antiques You Should Buy

Antiques are collectible objects such as a piece of furniture or work of art that have high values because of their age. On top of that, antiques are original pieces that are beautiful, rare and have a high degree of craftsmanship. We are going to identify the best antiques you should buy.


A real authentic antique chandelier is a must buy simply because of the craftsmanship. Today it takes too much time to craft lighting like they did in the past and the art is slowly fading. Antique lighting has raised in value over the years because of this simple fact. There really is no comparison to the craftsmanship.

Authentic Porcelain

A real piece of antique porcelain tells a story. It’s from a time where people would tell their family stories on these ornately decorated pieces. They also are constantly increasing in value. If you buy authentic porcelain you should always go to a reputable dealer because porcelain has recently seen an increase in fakes.


From stained glass to gilded mirrors, these are great buys that always increase in value over time. Their fragile nature makes them rare and everyone is looking for them. So, if you come across one then hold on to it.

Mid Century Furniture

Mid century furniture is very popular right now because of how you can mix it with traditional and modern designs. Look for styles done in the style of 19th century furniture maker Duncan Phyfe since they go for reasonable prices while still maintaining value.

Sterling Silverware

Sterling silverware is making a comeback. Now is the time to buy real authentic antique silverware as the prices are conservative. Today, sterling silver adds style and ceremony to any table for special occasions and dinner parties.

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