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How To Become A Great Interior Designer

Get an internship

This is one of the best ways to get fantastic hands on experience and actually see how the industry works. This is also a great way to build life long relationships and find true mentors.

Look for inspiration outside of design

A lot of new and even experienced designers like to look at other people’s works. That’s great but looking at other things to gather inspiration like the art community, photography, architecture,  and nature is a great way to stand out.

Take your time

Everyone wants to be successful overnight. This isn’t going to happen. The only people who become over night successes are the ones who have been working the last 5 years in the shadows to do that.  It’s ok, you have time, focus on your craft. Become a true practitioner and make something original.

Know your math

This is absolutely crucial to being an interior designer. Check then double check your budget. It seems simple but the last thing you want is to go over budget.

Find clients who are willing to try something new

If you can find clients who are willing to try out your bold ideas this is a great way to get noticed.

Believe in yourself

It’s simple! Believe you can do it! it’s going to be hard, you’re going to make mistakes. But that’s what makes it worth it. The only ones that make it in this industry are the one who stick with it no matter what.

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