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How To Become a Better Interior Designer

It doesn’t matter if you’re a new designer with no experience or a veteran in the industry; it’s always good to be reminded about how we can be better. These 5 tips apply to everyone and will help you become a better interior designer.


There’s nothing wrong with magazines but that only keeps you in a limited mindset. The best architects and designers to ever live never looked at magazines. They found outside inspiration from somewhere else like nature, culture, fashion, and even psychology.

Every Project Is an Opportunity

Use each project as an opportunity to do or learn something new. If you ever find yourself just going through the motions then catch yourself and ask what you can learn from this project or what you can do creatively that will challenge you.

Communication Is Key

Interior designers have to be good mind readers, clients don’t always know exactly what they want and you’re going to have to become extremely good at reading body language. Can you tell by the look on their face if that’s the finish or furniture piece they actually want?

Keep It About The Client

Creating beautiful and original designs is great but don’t forget the core thing, you are providing a service for a client and you should always keep their desires, wants, and needs before anything else. This is actually a good thing; most people are incredibly creative when restraints are present. When you can do whatever you want then sometimes you can go overboard.

It’s Not About How it Looks

This takes experience and is difficult to explain fully, but design is not about how a room looks, instead it’s about how a room makes you feel. It’s about how you pull all the elements, lighting, and furniture together to create an emotional response and feeling.

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