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5 Unconventional Interior Design Ideas That Look Amazing

Astroturf Wall When you first think of Astroturf, the first thing that comes to mind is baseball and not high-end design style. However the room design below made beautiful use of astroturf, and it’s surprisingly luxurious looking. Art Overlay Shelving This is a unique design style full of color. The best way to pull off this look, is to make sure the art in the background is not too busy and oversized, while the …Read More

5 Design Trends Going Out of Style In 2020

Grey With Grey Grey had a moment in 2016 but its slowly going out of style in favor of more lighter greys paired with bolder colors. The trends going into 2020 are very monochromatic looks, Grey does not work well with this look. Perfect Modernism The days of clinical looking cabinets, super square furniture, and reflective surfaces are coming to an end. People are going for more character in their …Read More

5 Beautiful Design Ideas for Winter 2019

Cashmere Throws Everyone needs a good throw blanket for winter. It’s a great way to stay warm and a design feature that can be used over a bed or couch. In 2019 we like the cashmere throw because it’s more modern and understated than a faux fur throw and it’s luxuriously comfortable. Dark Lamp Shades A simple, yet beautiful, way to get your home ready for winter is to switch out your lamp shades with darker …Read More

5 Interior Design Color Predictions for 2020

Matte Navy Matte navy is one of those colors that when you see it you wonder why we haven’t been using it like this all along. The matte finish keeps the color understated and mature without having to reduce the amount you use in a room. It also makes any brass, gold, or bronze accents stand out. Teals & Warm Pastels There is a movement away from flashy finishes and …Read More

5 Decorating Ideas Just In Time For Thanksgiving.

Candles & Fresh Greenery A quick and easy way to get any table ready for Thanksgiving is by adding some tall candles and fresh greenery. We like this bronze look. It really pairs well with the green elements. Flower Bowl Another simple idea is by adding flowers to a fruit bowl. It’s actually a very unique and chic look. The levels add a vertical dimension making it more of a centerpiece display. Bar Cart A …Read More

5 Interior Design Styles From Celebrities

Drew Barrymore Drew Barrymore has an obsession with flowers, and her latest home is a perfect example of how you can incorporate florals into a home without it feeling overbearing or outdated. Instead of wallpaper, she incorporates florals through multicolored fabrics and original art pieces. John Legend John Legend was just voted “sexiest man alive” by People magazine. His home reflects his personal style being modern with a touch of …Read More

5 Eye Catching Dining Room Ideas For Fall

Floral Wallpaper If you want to have a beautiful dining area that captures the feeling of fall without overdoing your dining table itself, then we love this wallpaper design. It’s very clearly fall while also keeping the room neat and simple. Be Bold With Gold Strong is a very strong and impactful color that can bee easily overdone. What they did with this design was offset the gold with the …Read More

5 Interior Design Tips The Professionals Use

Go Bold In Small Spaces A small space like a bathroom doesn’t define your entire home design, so you have the flexibility to be bold and creative. Top interior designers like to go bold with these spaces to make a home design more unique or incorporate styles you wouldn’t normally use in larger spaces. Mix Time Periods If you are a lover of antiques then don’t be afraid to mix …Read More

5 Fall Trends For 2019

The Oversized Fur Throw A fur throw is a fall must-have. This year instead of something small and barely noticeable, go for a large oversized fur throw. This is perfect for creating a cozy bedroom look. Hand Made Area Rug Area rugs are perfect for fall. they add color to a space and make it feel more structured. The recent rug trend is truly hand made rugs. They feel more …Read More

5 Relaxing Master Bathroom Design Ideas

Waterfall Tile This is an idea first seen in luxury resorts in Bora Bora. It’s a fresh way to use tile and add some color to your master bathroom. Dark Theme Most home bathrooms go for light colors but if you have ever been inside a high-end spa you might have noticed the dark accents and moody atmosphere. Darker colors tend to calm and relax us. making this the perfect …Read More

5 Ways To Decorate With Brown This Fall

Navy Blue Linen Navy blue pairs perfectly with a walnut brown color. A linen wallpaper texture or lamp covering can add an extra dimension of complexity and design that really makes this a one of a kind look. Brown Leather Chairs Brown leather couches are on the way out, but on the other hand, brown leather chairs are becoming more popular. They provide that high end and masculine feeling without …Read More

5 Ways Interior Design Will Change In The Future

Augmented Reality A couple of years ago virtual reality seemed like a joke. But with the feature coming to smartphones in recent years it will play a major role in many industries, especially interior design. It will be a convenient feature that will allow you to preview entire designs before you ever purchase a single item. Photogenic Rooms Interior design used to be about creating a beautiful space and incorporating …Read More

5 Unconventional Design Ideas That Look Amazing

All Wood Rooms All wood rooms were left back in the 70s right? A few high rise developments in Canada are embracing the all-wood look in a new way. Taking inspiration from Japanese design and blending it with modern layouts and accents, you get something quite clean and modern while also feeling warm and inviting. The Hidden Kitchen As the open concept becomes more popular and people cooking less the …Read More

5 Interior Design Trends For Fall 2019

Forest Green Forest green is going to be a popular color scheme for fall this year. It fits the fall season and works perfectly for rooms that already have brass accessories or black accents. Dark Acrylic We all know about acrylic but an interesting fall trend is dark acrylic accents. It creates a smokey quartz feeling and pairs perfectly with dark tone woods, black mirrors, and warm lighting for a …Read More

5 Fresh Paint Colors Designers Are Loving In 2019

Benjamin Moore, Galapagos Green Galapagos Green is a beautiful deep yet Earthy tone that works perfectly on kitchen cabinets with bronze accents or on accent walls paired with white and a medium tone wood. Benjamin Moore, New Providence Navy If you are looking for the perfect navy to blanket a entire room, then this is it. It has a gorgeous deep hue that looks luxurious in the evening while showing …Read More

5 Design Features We Should Use More Often

Console Tables With the trend towards modern, you’re starting to see console tables used less. However, they are still the perfect piece for wide hallways and short walls you arent sure what to do with. Color White and neutral colors have taken over. It’s understandable why people would want to do this, It appeals to a broad audience and its easy to do. However, when you see designers being bold …Read More

Top Design Styles From Around The World

Spain: Modern Elegance Spain has a very unique design style. What you will see throughout the country is elegant exterior architecture that has been preserved while interiors have been modernly renovated. It creates a synergy of old a new that is unique and beautiful. Australia: Nature Inspired What you will see in Australia is a form of minimalism, but unlike Denmark, Australia has a large emphasis on nature. You will …Read More

5 Ways To Design With Color

Create A Mood Board The real power of mood boards is being able to make connections to otherwise unrelated things. For example, you might find using a certain color combined with a material or shape can evoke something you haven’t yet considered. Consider Lighting Lighting is one of the biggest factors that affect color in a space and it’s something a lot of people tend to overlook when designing. You …Read More

5 Ways To Use Oversize Photography

Tell A Story  Find a group of photos from a trip or experience that communicate a mood or story when they are combined together. This is not only a fresh idea, but a fantastic way to decorate a long horizontal wall. Emphasize A Style In the photo below the oversized art collage plays into the modern western style of the home. The cactus picture goes perfectly with the actual cactus …Read More

5 Things Making Your Home Look Outdated.

Tile Countertops Tile countertops were all the rage in the 70s, but if you want your home to be current then you should leave this trend behind. TIle countertops are also harder to clean and can hold dangerous bacteria. Accent Walls Accent walls are sadly out of style. Nina Magon of Houston’s Contour Interior Design notes that accent walls give the impression that the budget could not allow for the completion of the …Read More

5 Design Essentials Every Home Needs

Console Table A console table is the perfect accessory to welcome people in your entryway. You can keep it minimal or dress it up with accessories. Console tables ad the perfect amount of decorative flair. Structural Sofa Your sofa is the focal point of the living room. A sofa with well-defined lines and structure really makes a classic statement. Neutral Rug A neutral rug design is a fantastic purchase that …Read More

5 Beautiful Living Room Seating Arrangement Ideas

Modern Centered. This arrangement works perfectly in a loft or square living room space. This arrangement is made for everyday use, with a maximum amount of comfortable seating. Music Focused If you are musically inclined then this arrangement expresses that part of your personality by making a large piano center focus. The piano goes perfectly with the low seating which emphasizes the piano even more. Collection Display If you consider …Read More

5 Different Ways to Use The Color Blue This Summer

Mediterranean blue and gold These two colors work perfectly together when offset by white. It creates the perfect summer inspired space. Make sure to compliment these colors with matte finishes and organic accents. Rustic Tan and Navy This is perfect for a home with natural wooden beams. It makes everything look high end while also feeling natural and rustic. It’s a more blended concept rather than going for a bright white, which most people …Read More

5 Summer Interior Design Trends.

Outdoor Rooms There is nothing quite like an evening outside during the summer with friends. A big trend in home designs is incorporating transitional indoor/outdoor areas. Window Wall Instead of having a singular window, why not turn the entire wall into the window itself. This is a great way to connect your home to the outdoors without being exposed to the heat or humidity and you don’t need to live …Read More

The 5 Biggest Interior Design Mistakes You Don’t Realize You’re Making

Buying Furniture First, planning second. It’s easy to get inspired and start buying furniture that you really like when you are out shopping, but if you don’t have a real plan of what you want to create, this can be dangerous. By the time all the furniture arrives, you might notice the scale is not exactly what you thought, and the colors could be totally off. Not Incorporating Your Own …Read More

5 Unconventional Kitchen Color Ideas

Amber  Amber is a bronze and orange combination that can add pops of color and energy into a kitchen Design. This color paired with dark cabinetry really creates a unique contrast. Aquatic Blue This is a great shade of blue that is perfect for a mostly white kitchen design. This color really ads saturation to the design without going too far. We love this for summer or ocean inspired kitchen …Read More

The Best Southern Design Trends For 2019

There’s’ no doubt that the south has its own way of doing things. We are different with just about everything, from our manners to the cars we drive, and even our interior design.  In this post, we are going to look at the top new trends that are southern inspired and created.   Rustic Chic In the south, we have our own way of doing chic. A term used with …Read More

5 Outdoor Furnishing Trends To Try In 2019

Classically Inspired one of the top styles for 2019 is the American classic look. Natural wood paired with stripes is the perfect combination for a fresh and nostalgic look to your patio area. Outdoor accessories When we think of outdoor design, we don’t really think about the accessories and this might be an overlooked area that can really ad alot of character and charm to your outdoor designs. Entertaining Focused …Read More

5 Design Features Everyone is Obsessing Over.

Woven Lamps Wicker has made a big come back this year and these woven lamp designs have proven to be the most popular wicker pieces right now. They are fresh, unique, and somehow go perfectly with just about any room design. Refined Industrial Chairs These Industrial inspired metal chairs have been embraced by designers and home owners alike. You can’t read about design without seeing them at least twice in a magazine. Their popularity is for …Read More

5 Kitchen Designs That Will Make You Want To Redo Yours.

Bold & Strong This kitchen features industrial materials with a backsplash of marble. This kitchen feels strong, yet beautiful and the narrow accent lighting brings everything together nicely. Vintage Vibe This is a fantastic combination of traditional and modern elements. The modern kitchen countertop feels large and current while the wicker seating takes the design in an interesting direction that seems new and also comfortable. Open Concept This open concept is gorgeous. Everything feels …Read More

The Top 5 Gardening Trends For 2019

Architectural Arrangement Gardens are now being incorporated directly into architectural features. They can be made to look as if they are apart of the house. This is a big trend in architecture design because more clients want to be more environmentally conscious. Indoor Smart Gardens Plants and gardening are becoming more accessible to more people. Before you had to have a piece of land, but now you can create an indoor garden. …Read More

5 Stand Out Trends From The 2019 Milan Furniture Fair

The 2019 Milan Furniture Fair recently took place. This is one of the industry’s leading events where furniture designers and manufacturers gather to showcase their new trends and design pieces. Here are the 5 stand out trends from the fair.   Sharp Objects Clean and sharp angles were a theme of the fair. This trend was spotted on coffee tables, chairs, and even bedding. The key is the corners, instead of just straight horizontal or vertical lines; we …Read More

5 Simple Ways To Transform a Home From Outdated To Modern

A home that might feel drab, and washed out, might actually be only a few tweaks away from becoming an elevated and modern space. This blog post is going to show you 5 simple ways you can transform your home and modernize it. Fresh Paint Let’s start with paint. It’s one of the most cost effective and high impact things you can do to update your home. You don’t have to limit yourself to just …Read More

5 New Wallpaper Trends Designers Should Know About

Ombre  Interior design is about creating a mood and experience. Ombre is a new wallpaper trend that allows you to cast an entire wall in a beautiful gradient. The wallpaper below captures the hard to express beauty of dusk when lights begin to fade. Large Scale Prints With a super large scale print it looks more like a work of art. Large scale prints allow you to do new dramatic …Read More

5 Ways To Add Character To A Living Room

Incorporate Unique Elements A living room with character means that it stands out and is not of the ordinary. Being unusual can be accomplished in a tasteful way. For example the room design below makes use of industrial metals and canvas in the custom made chairs and floor lamp. Add Your Own Personality Interiors should reflect your personality and the best way to do this is by making use of …Read More

5 Outdoor Design Trends for Spring & Summer 2019

Acrylic Acrylic has been a big part of interior design lately, but now it’s on its way outside. Acrylic not only looks beautiful outdoors, but it’s easy to clean and resistant to light damage. Woven Wicker Wicker is making a comeback.  This time around instead of big boxy squares, designers are opting for a more handmade bohemian look with shape and curves. Mixed Materials Usually when you buy outdoor furniture you buy a matching set. Well in …Read More

5 Furniture Trends To Look For In 2019

Abstract Organic Metal A trend in 2019 is the organic minimalist look. This encompasses the use of organic non glossy metal furniture pieces and accents. Adding an abstract piece or sculpted art adds depth to this look. Artisanal Pieces 2019 is seeing a huge push to custom again which is great for the design industry. But being just custom isn’t always enough. People who are passionate about their homes and design are looking for pieces from recognized …Read More

5 Timeless Kitchen Designs That Will Always Be In Style

Traditional Ranch This entertainment ready kitchen showcases a traditional ranch style design with a coffered ceiling that expands the room. The patterns on the cabinets have furniture like quality. Historically Inspired Historically inspired design sparked out of the restoration of real historical homes while also including the luxuries of a modern kitchen. What you get is that classic distinct look without the sacrifice. Art Deco Art Deco appeared in France …Read More

5 Beautiful Color Combinations To Elevate Your Interior Designs

Great interior color comes down to cohesive and complementary combinations. A color that might seem “overwhelming” or “bold” can actually make sense and even elevate an interior if it is combined with the perfect harmonious colors. Below are a few color combinations you can use to make your interior stand out. Sage & Stone This color combination has a very spring-like feel to it and is appropriate for transitional and …Read More

5 Kitchen & Bath Style Trends For 2019

Customized Colors A number of brands have showcased color finishes for their products that home owners can customize. Customized colors are a big trend this year with everything from bath tubs, to appliances which are customizable. Transitional Style Transitional design style seems to be the happy medium between traditional and modern for home owners. The most popular transitional style is farmhouse style, which is right behind contemporary in the number 3 …Read More

5 Interior Design Trends That Will Get You Excited For Spring

Rattan Seating Rattan seating lends a casual feeling to your living areas. It’s perfect for creating that sunny California experience in your home. Teal Cabinetry Teal cabinetry is a bold color, but when it’s paired with a light or reclaimed wood it really shines. This combination gives your home the perfect personality for spring. If you really want to take this look to the next level you can incorporate handmade …Read More

5 Characteristics Top Interior Designers Share

Interior design is more complicated and skilled than people initially realize. For the right people it can be a very rewarding and fulfilling career. Here are the 5 characteristics all top interior designers share. Empathy This is number one on the list because it’s probably the most important. Interior design is just as much about being able to understand and communicate with people as is the actual design process.Being able to …Read More

The 2019 Guide To Window Treatments

Windows aren’t something you think about all the time as a part of design, but this is actually one of the most crucial home elements right next to the kitchen that will affect the look of your home, it’s also one of the biggest investments, that’s why it’s important to get it right. Design Or Investment The first thing to consider about your window treatments is what you value more, the look of your home or the value …Read More

5 Interior Design Trends From The Maison et Objet Show

Animalistic Qualities Artists and furniture designers are creating objects and furniture that are inspired by the proportions & movement of animals. For example a sofa might have a regal stance or a letter opener could mimic a wave or a sea squid. Sustainable alternatives Each year we see new and creative alternatives in sustainable design. At this year’s show a young designer showed off leather upholstery made from apples. Glimmer …Read More

5 Fresh New Lighting Design Ideas For 2019

Raw Edge A raw edge lighting fixture follows the natural shape of an organic element built into the fixture. It’s an interesting new style that has a lot of character like this stunning slice of white alabaster. Silhouette Lighting Silhouette lighting is another new and fresh take on interior lighting. Instead of the lighting framing the fixture, silhouette lighting does the opposite with the fixture framing the light. Indirect Lighting …Read More

The Top Color Trends Of 2019

Dark Green Dark greens are a great choice for 2019. It’s a timeless color that has a worldly value and is commonly found in nature. This color transitions very well between furniture, cabinetry and other design elements. Saturated Blues 2019 is about the organic feel, but it’s also about color and saturated blue colors work very well with current trends and take advantage of rooms with an abundance of natural light. Off …Read More

5 Trends from the 2019 Atlanta Home Furnishings Market.

Thousands of designers and furniture manufacturers recently attended the 2019 Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market. Over 9000 brands of home furnishings and decor were on display. These are the main themes and trends at the show. Layers of Texture A variety of textures dominated the Atlanta market. The layers at the show were nature-inspired with neutral color schemes. Velvet Upholstery Another texture seen everywhere at the market was …Read More

Design Trends That Will Be In And Out In 2019

Out: Naked Light Designers are moving away from naked lighting features. Over the past few years we have seen glass globe fixtures take over. That trend has officially peaked. Instead we will see subtle indirect fixtures that ofter softer diffused lighting.  In: Light Tones Some colors that are going to be popular in 2019 include blush, dusty pink, bronze and silver. Lighter airy overall themes with pops of bold color will be a …Read More

The Top Interior Design Trends For 2019

2019 is here and so is a fresh take on interior design. In this blog we’re going to be taking a look at the future trends, and styles you can expect to see in the next 12 months. Black, White, and Color Designs in 2018 embraced natural earthy tones while still being modern. In 2019 color comes back, but it’s not going to take over the room. Instead color will …Read More

5 Picture Perfect Holiday Decoration Ideas

Silver, White & Gold Silver, white and gold are a beautiful and fresh color scheme for Christmas. It works well in both modern and traditional homes and it creates a fresh and open feeling while still keeping it familiar and festive. Modern Ornaments Modern geometric ornaments are a tasteful approach to decorating your tree. This alone will take any tree from conventional to designer. Wallpaper Wrapping Paper Finding beautiful wrapping …Read More

5 Winter Design Trends With Classic Charm

Dark Details  When we think of winter we think of dark colors and materials. Instead of making the main theme of the room dark, why not focus on making the details dark. This still creates the darker cozy feel while also making the room feel open. This is a great approach for smaller spaces. Mohair  Mohair velvet is a beautiful and surprisingly durable material that gets better with time. The …Read More

5 Holiday Outdoor Design Trends

Wrapped Trees If you have trees on your property, a beautiful way to decorate is by wrapping them in lights. At night you can see the outlined shape of the trees in light for a magical look. Simple & Elegant Sometimes less is more; a simple and elegant design approach is becoming more popular amongst high end properties. Grand Entrance Make your guest feel welcome with beautiful entryway lighting and …Read More

5 Room Design Ideas For The Season

Dark Toned Furniture A large sectional with dark toned fabric adds an inviting and warm feeling to this space. The light wood coffee table and rug create contrast and bring this room together. Mix Neutrals This room at a ranch house in upstate New York features a mix of neutral tones for a cozy feeling. The fur throw really ads to that winter coziness and the hand carved wood chair …Read More

5 Ways To Make Your Home Feel Cozier For The Holidays

Thanksgiving is right around the corner! Here are 5 ways you can make your home feel more cozy for the holidays. Centerpieces The holidays are the best time of year to feature decorative centerpieces in your home, so why not take advantage of it? Centerpieces are easy, elegant and bring your family and friends together in style. Wreaths  If you’re looking to make a great first impression the best place …Read More

5 Ways To Make Your Home Feel Festive The Holidays.

The holidays are the perfect time to style your home by transforming your antiques into unique holiday decor. This vintage sled is a great piece to add a little rustic touch for the holidays. Start With White When decorating your home for the holidays, make whites your base color. This will make reds and greens from your decor pop in a dazzling way. Go Vintage There’s nothing more homey and comfortable than …Read More

5 Important Things To Consider When Hiring An Interior Designer

Reviews The first thing you should pay attention to when searching for an interior designer is reviews. Were they referred to you by a friend or family member? Does The Budget Work While a designer should always stay on budget, if you find a designer who can actually enhance your design by working within your budget this is a sign that they have great connections with showrooms and suppliers. Does …Read More

4 Rug Trends For 2019

Rugs in Unlikely Places Rugs are no longer just for the living room, you will find designers using rugs in places like the kitchen to add a bit of color and pattern where there may not otherwise be any. New Traditional People are still using traditional rug designs because they add a beautiful and timeless look to your home but one of the new trends is updating the traditional designs …Read More

5 Living Room Trends For 2018

No Blinds Window technology has come a long way. It’s now possible to have windows that allow you to not have blinds while still blocking harmful UV rays while regulating the temperature. Art Objects Instead of a painted art piece people are going for art objects. Even art on the wall can be an object. With good lighting it can create an interesting effect. Copper Accents Mixing metallic accents with …Read More

The Latest Trends From High Point Market

Twice a year High Point Market has an event that showcases the latest trends in Interior Design, Architecture, and Furniture design . Here are the latest trends going into winter for 2018. Natural Elements Natural elements are becoming very popular and were found in creative and unexpected ways this year at High Point Market. Lighting fixtures featured natural elements like wicker and coconut shells. New Traditionals A new take on …Read More

Don’t Make These Interior Design Mistakes.

Scale One of the worst and costliest things you can do is to not measure your room before buying furniture. If the scale of the furniture is off in relation to the size of the room it could make a room feel smaller than it actually is. Not Asking For Help Interior Design can seem straight forward and simple. But when you actually begin the process of designing a room, you …Read More

5 Ways To Transform Your Kitchen

Range Hood Range hoods are practical features that have evolved into a kitchen statement piece. The organic curves look stunning in traditional kitchens but they also stand out in modern transitional kitchens also. Concrete Countertops If done right concrete countertops can be a durable and fantastic alternative to granite or marble countertops. Concrete provides a unique and functional surface that also goes well with the neutral color trends for 2018. …Read More

5 Cozy Interior Design Trends For Fall

Fall is right around the corner which means it’s time to get ready for the year’s comfiest decoration season. We put together a list of the top trends that will be taking over people’s homes! Green & Brown Green and brown are a perfect fit, it has that warm cozy feeling you look for during fall while also remaining bright and refreshing. Pair this with some gold metal accents and …Read More

How To Become a Better Interior Designer

It doesn’t matter if you’re a new designer with no experience or a veteran in the industry; it’s always good to be reminded about how we can be better. These 5 tips apply to everyone and will help you become a better interior designer. Inspiration There’s nothing wrong with magazines but that only keeps you in a limited mindset. The best architects and designers to ever live never looked at …Read More

5 Tips For Designing Your Home Office

Whether your home office is for running a business, or simply a nook for paying bills and organizing your schedule, you deserve more than a cramped desk in the corner. Why? An office that reflects the design and comfort of the rest of your home is a place you’ll want to burn the work from. Here are 5 tips for creating a beautiful and practical work space. Location You’ll likely …Read More

The Best Antiques You Should Buy

Antiques are collectible objects such as a piece of furniture or work of art that have high values because of their age. On top of that, antiques are original pieces that are beautiful, rare and have a high degree of craftsmanship. We are going to identify the best antiques you should buy. Chandeliers A real authentic antique chandelier is a must buy simply because of the craftsmanship. Today it takes …Read More

5 Creative Ways to Mix Vintage & Industrial Pieces Into Your Home

Reclaimed Wood Reclaimed wood is a great way to incorporate an industrial feeling into your home. The wood has character, charm, and it tells a story. Lighting Lighting is a great way to incorporate vintage or industrial pieces. There are a lot of artisans using old vintage coverings and the Edison bulb has never been more popular. It also gives a unique modern look to your home. Incorporate Metal The …Read More

5 Interior Design Rules You Should Break

Never Mix & Match Prints This old rule was meant to be broken. Mixing patterns adds visual interest and loads of texture to a space.  Start with one large-scale printed piece like a rug and add secondary items like pillows in complementary colors. Don’t Put Large Furniture In Small Spaces In general this rule still definitely applies because large furniture can emphasize a lack of space. You don’t want to overdo anything …Read More

5 Traditional Design Elements That Will Never Go Out Of Style

Archways Archways have been a key element of interior design and architecture for thousands of years. Archways can bring depth and balance to a building. Ornate Ceilings Ornate ceilings will never go out of style. They look amazing with traditional looks but they also create a cool contrasting look with modern furniture as well that gives it a high class tasteful feeling. It helps add back the details modern homes …Read More

5 Decor Tips For a More Sophisticated Look

Elegant Fabrics An elegant statement fabric can make a room. Whether you have a taste for florals or an elegant jacquard, there is a perfect fabric out there that will bring any cherished antique piece back to life! Large Canvas Prints Large colorful abstract prints! A grander scale piece will allow you to adorn your walls with a fun pop of color which adds interest to an otherwise neutral space. …Read More

5 Fresh Flooring trends for 2018

Textured Carpet There are a lot of new trends and choices available with carpet today. One of the most popular style trends at Manchester Carpet has been their textured carpet selection. It provides a subtle design that adds interest without going overboard. manchesterfloors.com Bleached Wood Bleached wood has been popular for a couple of years, but in 2018 you will find a much larger selection of different colors and tones, …Read More

5 Ways Travel Inspires Interior Design

Color & Textiles  People around the world use colors and textiles in unique ways, from clothing to architecture. Remember these things and use them as inspiration for amazing fabrics and wall paper. Depending on the region you are inspired by you can sometimes find authentic shops from which to purchase these items. Culture If you have ever been to the U.K. then you know people really like open concept kitchens …Read More

5 Cozy Outdoor Fireplace Ideas For Summer Entertaining

Give your guests something warm and cozy to gather around this outdoor entertaining season! Bohemian Fireplace This open-air dining concept with wood piled high for the fireplace acts as an accent, bringing warmth into this airy space. Minimal Outdoor Fireplace This minimal outdoor area feels more like a living room than a patio. Open space takes the place of windows to give a bright seamless connection to the outside. Open …Read More

5 Ways To Add Value To Your Home

Landscaping Manicuring your outdoor space is a great way to increase the aesthetic quality of your home. A sense of beauty and harmony will create an instant difference in the curb appeal of your home and it may surprise you to learn that well-kept gardens and backyards can increase your home’s value by 10%. The Kitchen The kitchen is the number one remodeling project in America. Adding new countertops and backsplashes …Read More

5 Room Designs Perfect For summer

Modern White  There is something about summer that just makes you want to clean out your home. Reducing the clutter and going for a bright white makes for a crisp, clean and refreshing kitchen that is sure to lift your spirits. Cali Chic Midcentury furniture has been making its way back into homes for a while now, but there’s a new twist. Mix your mid-mod pieces with bohemian or Moroccan inspired …Read More

5 Ways You Can Mix Modern and Classic Design

Create a Focal Point Whether your home is modern or classic you want to have an area that is the complete opposite. For modern homes throwing in a real antique is a sophisticated statement. Acrylic chairs. Acrylic chairs are the perfect modern piece you can mix in at the dinner table. It creates a very clean and airy feeling perfect for summer. Use Art Art is a great way to …Read More

5 Trendy Garden Lighting Ideas for Summer 2018

Border Lighting This is a trend that originated in modern indoor designs. Recently it has made its way outside and it can give your outdoor space a very modern Zen feeling. Up Lighting You have heard of down lighting, but designs are flipping it, literally. Up lighting is a new trend that can give plants, and outdoor figures or statues a very high end and mysterious look that is actually quite …Read More

5 Things All Great Interiors Have In Common.

Contrast All great designs clearly divide the furniture and accessories from the room; nothing blends together because that creates a very bland look. All great designs pop out to you.   Function The point of a home is living there and all great designs no matter how original are able to actually allow people to live there on a day to day basis. If you do this right you will actually enhance …Read More

Top 5 Outdoor Design Trends For 2018

Here are the top 5 outdoor design trends for 2018 according to the Wall Street Journal. Grown Up Glow Take down the string lights and go for an outdoor lighting fixture with shaded fabrics. It’s a more organized and less scattered approach to outdoor lighting. Fine-Boned Furniture. The outdoor areas are being viewed as a natural extension of interiors instead of it being separated. Brown blocky mesh outdoor furniture is …Read More

Make Small Rooms Feel Bigger With These Design Ideas

Extended Shelving This is a strategic configuration that appears to give the room more height which creates the appearance of a higher ceiling. Mirrors If the room has no windows then you can add mirrors to make the space feel more open. Glass Walls If you can incorporate glass into a room it can really open the area up and make it feel much larger. Sliding Door Instead of a …Read More

5 Patio Ideas For Summer Entertaining

Teak Patio Table Pair a teak table with a few wicker chairs and you have the perfect summer setting for early breakfast. Ivy Covered Walls Fig ivy softens the look of a brick wall and makes an urban setting feel more natural and inviting. Patio Ceiling Instead of just having an open patio that is exposed to the elements, you can add a ceiling to create a more transitional indoor, outdoor …Read More

5 Interior Design Trends For Summer 2018

Think Outside The Home Now is the time to start thinking about your outdoor area. There is nothing quite like an evening outside during the summer with friends. A big trend in home designs is opening the home up to the outdoors rather than having an outdoor area. Window Wall Instead of having a singular window in the kitchen, why not turn the entire wall into the window itself. This is …Read More

5 New Trends From the Milano Furniture Fair

Soft Cell From soft carpeting to padded furniture, a big trend this year was furniture embraced by soft fabrics. Tapis made a case for rolling around on the floor after a hard day of work. Big-Scale Sustainability Sustainability has always been a goal every furniture maker reaches for. So far it’s been exclusive to only higher end furniture brands but this year Emeco and Kartell launched elegant, affordable chairs made …Read More

Step Inside The Most Modern Homes In Texas

Texas might be known for its cowboys, barbecue and southern hospitality. But Texas is also home to a special style of architecture known as Texas modernism. We want to show you 5 homes that pull this style off perfectly. Brookview Residence  The owners of this home in Dallas Texas wanted to create an open feeling merging the indoors and outdoors together. They also took inspiration from a boutique hotel and used …Read More

5 Unique Lighting Ideas

Paper Lantern A real paper lantern is crafted by an artisan in Japan and can make a bold statement when paired with bright colors and marble. Industrial Lighting Old industrial lighting adds an interesting contrast in a modern home. It can make space feel more genuine and aged. Floral Chandelier A floral chandelier brings a unique luxe feel that is still based in nature. Pair this with marble and gold for …Read More

The 5 Interior Design Rules You Must Know

Mix Textures Always mix materials and add texture. This is a rule most interior designers live by. The goal is to make a space feel more vibrant and stimulating. Layer Lighting The only time you should have a single light is if it’s a statement chandelier piece or something that covers an entire table. At other times it’s good to layer your lighting and have light coming from multiple sources, not just …Read More

The Paint Colors Of The Rich And Famous

Monet’s Luminous Yellow This is the sunny color that covers the home of Claude Monet. She wanted to bring light and color into her home during the 43 years she lived there. PHOTO: GETTY IMAGES Vanderbilt Brown This private bedroom painted with chocolate brown was owned by art collector and philanthropist George Washington Vanderbilt. He was his own decorator and stocked his rooms with antiques such as the walnut Portuguese Baroque …Read More

5 Easter Decor Ideas

Linen Seating Easter is a bright and airy spring holiday. Linen works very well with the colors and atmosphere of the season. Mosaic Outdoor tables A beautiful outdoor mosaic table brings out the colors of Easter in a very classy and elegant way. You can find a fantastic selection of mosaic outdoor tables at Leisure Collections. Melon Easter doesn’t mean you have to use only pink or purple colors. You can …Read More

Restoring Houston History

Lighting Treasures at The Houston Design center has been busy for the past couple of months restoring some of Houstons most rare antique chandeliers. Hurricane Harvey that took the Texas coast by surprise back in August of 2017 left a path of destruction and the city of Houston underwater for over a week. Many of Houstons historical homes were flooded and are in the process of renovation. At Lighting Treasures …Read More

5 Living Room Color Ideas For Spring

Ocean Blue This is a great color especially for spring. By itself can seem a little dark but when you pair this with Pinks and silver tones it really allows the room to feel fresh and airy. Clay We don’t see this color enough. A light clay color can really energize a room and it fits perfectly in drier environments like Austin or San Antonio. Cantaloupe  Similar to Clay, Cantaloupe …Read More

5 Spring Interior Design Trends for 2018

Pops of Color Bold pops of color is one of the strongest trends going on this season. It’s bold, but easily manageable if you have one or two main colors to start with that ‘ground’ the rest of the look. Patterned Headboards You don’t have to redo your entire bedroom for spring. Upgrade your headboard which is the focal point of your room, to something bright and cheery. Natural Gold Gold …Read More

5 Backyard Design Ideas for 2018

Spring is right around the corner and with the weather getting warmer we thought we would give you a few outdoor designs to inspire you. Outdoor Dining Having an outdoor garden dining experience is always unique and memorable and it doesn’t have to be a headache. You can find outdoor dining tables that are easily taken apart and meant to be stored inside. Outdoor Court Incorporate something new and original …Read More

5 Differences Between High Quality and Low Quality Furniture.

We recently had a CEU at Bunch and Shoemaker with Highland House explaining the differences between their high end furniture and low end furniture. Here are the 5 biggest differences between high end furniture and low end furniture. Cushioning. It’s not what you see on the outside but what is on the inside that makes all the difference. If you take a look on the inside of premium furniture you …Read More

5 New Flooring Styles For 2018

Bleached Wood Flooring Not everyone likes the glossy finish you find on a lot of wood flooring. A bleached floor has a white washed natural look that fits in very well with the trends and colors of 2018. Concrete Tiles In 2018, the distressed concrete floor style will receive more attention as homeowners look for alternatives to traditional wood flooring. As with distressed wood, distressed concrete goes through a process to …Read More

5 Fresh Wall Decor Ideas For 2018

Sculptural Mirrors Instead of having a normal mirror in your room and it being an afterthought, add a sculptural geometric mirror that makes a statement. Minimalist Book Shelves Turn that spare room into the study you have always wanted. Decorating your walls with book shelves has a clean and smart look.   Display a Collection Displaying collections have been on trend for the past couple of years. We like the …Read More

5 Interior Items That Will Never Go Out Of Style.

Eames Lounge Chair The Eames Lounge Chair has become an icon. You cannot mistake its unique and striking design. There is nothing quite like this chair, it’s modern yet it can fit into almost any style of home. Clawfoot Tubs Popularized in the 19th century, these luxurious bath items are the centerpiece of everyone’s fantasy bathroom. They are elegant, refined and have stood the test of time. Persian Rugs Arguably …Read More

5 Living Room Ideas For 2018

More bright colors and earthy tones are coming back in 2018 so we thought we would give you 5 examples of how to use this palette with different styles. Transitional Modern This style incorporates matte finishes from the lighting to the table. Gloss is on its way out as a main feature. Instead it is used as an accent. Earthy Green & Brass Light green tones are one of the …Read More

6 Ways to Make Your Home Feel Like a Luxury Resort

Bedroom Down Lighting A key feature of any sophisticated hotel room is moody down lighting. It’s very simple to incorporate and will give your bedroom that signature resort feel. Crips Restrooms A bright open white bathroom with fresh towels, a nice scent, and luxury accents is the perfect way to add a little resort experience to your home and if you have enough privacy don’t be afraid to add some …Read More

10 trends that are in & out by 100 top design pros

The Wall Street journal recently polled 100 top design pros for predictions on what is trending and ending in 2018. Here are the results.  What’s Fading Literal Nature If you love florals unfortunately this trend is on its way out. They have been deemed as predictable, old fashioned and bland. Moody Gray Hues Without contrast gray can feel tired and uninspired. Designers feel that we are long overdue for the …Read More