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6 Ways to Make Your Home Feel Like a Luxury Resort

Bedroom Down Lighting

A key feature of any sophisticated hotel room is moody down lighting. It’s very simple to incorporate and will give your bedroom that signature resort feel.

Crips Restrooms

A bright open white bathroom with fresh towels, a nice scent, and luxury accents is the perfect way to add a little resort experience to your home and if you have enough privacy don’t be afraid to add some glass windows.

Destination Theme

When you are incorporating resort features into your home think back to a destination that you loved, whether it was the colorful modern interiors of Miami or the classical architecture of the French countryside.

Oversized Furniture

Oversized furniture is often used in resorts and it can be placed in large or even small spaces.

Create a Lounge Area

Creating a luxe lounge area in your home is a great way to copy the style and feeling of a luxury resort.

Mirrored Wall

Resorts use mirrors to make a space feel larger than it is. This is a trick you can incorporate into your own home or personal spa area.

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