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6 Unique Christmas Tree Ideas

Monochrome Tree

Green and red might be the colors of the season but simple black and white with neutral ornaments make a beautiful design statement.

Brilliant Blue

A blue Christmas tree is perfect for those who are looking to match coastal decor or simply want to do something different.

Ombre Tree

If you are looking for a more modern take on a Christmas tree then an ombre tree is an elegant choice.

Geometric Tree

If you don’t want to be too modern then this tree with geometric ornaments keeps things classic while adding a little flair.

Frosted Tree

If your home is more transitional with grey and white tones then we love the look of a snowy Christmas tree.

Frosted Tree With Red Accents

If you have a very white home then a Christmas tree accented with red adds that little touch of color while remaining understated and elegant.

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