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6 Outdoor Holiday Decoration Ideas

Lanterns Filled With Cheer

Give your front door the holiday spirit by filling lanterns with shiny ornaments and adorning it with a ribbon.

Artificial Snow Lights

These artificial snow lights can add to the ambiance leading up to your walkway. It is a new and unique accessory that is sure to grab peoples attention.

Lighted Christmas Orbs

If you have a large plot of land then these lighted Christmas orbs are perfect for a festive front yard.


Wrapping pillars in garland is always a classy and beautiful way to decorate your front entry way.

Oversized Ornaments 

These oversized ornaments a sure to help you win first prize in the neighborhood decorating competition.

Planted Presents

These artificial plants are in the shape of presents with a bow tied around them. They are perfect for walkways or accenting your garden.

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