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5 Winter Design Trends With Classic Charm

Dark Details 

When we think of winter we think of dark colors and materials. Instead of making the main theme of the room dark, why not focus on making the details dark. This still creates the darker cozy feel while also making the room feel open. This is a great approach for smaller spaces.


Mohair velvet is a beautiful and surprisingly durable material that gets better with time. The light shimmer and dark color palettes pair perfectly with colder seasons.

Black & White Art

Switch out your colorful art for black and white photographs or abstract line art to create a moody ambiance.

Rustic Wood

A rustic French Country round wood table is a classic and beautiful centerpiece for a winter home design. This look goes well with leather accent chairs and a fur throw.

Vintage Lightbulbs

If you want your home to feel more warn without the fireplace then try to incorporate vintage Edison bulbs. They give off a beautiful warm glow and the inner filament and design of the bulb is an interesting design element.

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