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5 Ways To Upgrade Your Outdoor Parties

Keep Mosquitos Away

Instead of closing yourself off in a net try Off’s anti-mosquito candles.

Set Up Outdoor Lighting

Getting creative with your outdoor lighting doesn’t have to be expensive and it can take the whole experience to a new interesting level. We like string lights.


Message In A Bottle Place cards

We all love to Chinese restaurants because at the end we get fortune cookies. If you know who’s coming to your party place a message in a bottle place card at each seat and have everyone read a funny comment about themselves to get the conversation and laughs going.


Bluetooth Speakers

If you don’t have speakers installed outside. You can find Bluetooth speakers now that work perfectly in outdoor environments. Just plug them into an outlet and connect with your phone.


Poolside Seating

There is something special about sitting in outdoor furniture by the pool late at night with great company. We’ve had a lot of fun with this setup. We recommend you giving it a try.


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