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5 Ways Travel Inspires Interior Design

Color & Textiles 

People around the world use colors and textiles in unique ways, from clothing to architecture. Remember these things and use them as inspiration for amazing fabrics and wall paper. Depending on the region you are inspired by you can sometimes find authentic shops from which to purchase these items.


If you have ever been to the U.K. then you know people really like open concept kitchens with slim marble tops while in the Mediterranean people often sit outside to eat dinner and drink wine. You can incorporate these unique cultural features into your own open concept kitchen or outdoor area.


Next time you travel take pictures of unique pieces of furniture you find. You can usually find it in the states and it could give you some interesting design ideas you would have never thought of.


Each culture has unique art and being inspired by that can set your interiors apart. Remember art doesn’t have to be just a painting, some of the best art around the world are sculptures, bent metals, and mosaics.


A great way to capture your travels is by finally printing out those amazing photos you have and creating a wall collage. You could place this collage along the hall way and allow your guest to experience your journeys.

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