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5 Ways To Transform Your Kitchen

Range Hood

Range hoods are practical features that have evolved into a kitchen statement piece. The organic curves look stunning in traditional kitchens but they also stand out in modern transitional kitchens also.

Concrete Countertops

If done right concrete countertops can be a durable and fantastic alternative to granite or marble countertops. Concrete provides a unique and functional surface that also goes well with the neutral color trends for 2018.

Open Shelving

Instead of updating your cabinets why not get rid of them completely?  Open shelving is a beautiful way to turn your kitchenware into a decorative statement. It also makes the kitchen feel more open.

Decorative Tile

If your kitchen is neutral in style and you want to add some color then try decorative tiles. Tiles are becoming increasingly popular and it’s a wonderful way to add a pop of color and design into your kitchen in a unique way.

Concealed Lighting

Lighting is one of the cornerstones of design and it can take a boring kitchen and instantly make it beautiful. Concealed lighting has a fantastic warm feeling that will make a kitchen look more modern.


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