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5 Ways To Use Oversize Photography

Tell A Story 

Find a group of photos from a trip or experience that communicate a mood or story when they are combined together. This is not only a fresh idea, but a fantastic way to decorate a long horizontal wall.

Emphasize A Style

In the photo below the oversized art collage plays into the modern western style of the home. The cactus picture goes perfectly with the actual cactus plants and green wire seating.

Create a Mood

This oversize photograph of the ocean resembles features of modern art. It’s neutral and soft while also still representing something we all recognize. This really creates a distinct mood in the room.

Add Color

We all have small hallways and nooks that we can’t quite fit furniture or decor into. Oversize art photography can really add color and design style in compact places affectively. Hallways that had no purpose before are now miniature art galleries.

Framed Lines

Sometimes we need distinct leading lines in a room to tie things together or split mental space between rooms. A lot of designers usually use rugs to accomplish this but large framed photography can be the perfect way to do this in a new way.

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