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5 Ways To Design With Color

Create A Mood Board

The real power of mood boards is being able to make connections to otherwise unrelated things. For example, you might find using a certain color combined with a material or shape can evoke something you haven’t yet considered.

Consider Lighting

Lighting is one of the biggest factors that affect color in a space and it’s something a lot of people tend to overlook when designing. You might find colors feel completely different in natural light compared to artificial lighting.

Draw The Eye

Sometimes less is more. When people want to add more color too. space they immediately start thinking of how to coat the entire room in different colors. But sometimes using color to draw the eye to a specific area can have just as equal of a dramatic effect.

Use Fabrics

Fabrics are a great way to incorporate color into a room because it’s easy to switch things up. By changing the accent pillows and upholstery, you could have a completely new room each season.

Consider Psychology

There have actually been multiple studies on how color can affect peoples mood. For example, the color green is known to be calming, and the color blue helps curb appetite.

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