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5 Ways To Add Character To A Living Room

Incorporate Unique Elements

A living room with character means that it stands out and is not of the ordinary. Being unusual can be accomplished in a tasteful way. For example the room design below makes use of industrial metals and canvas in the custom made chairs and floor lamp.

Add Your Own Personality

Interiors should reflect your personality and the best way to do this is by making use of colors, and accessories you love. You can also incorporate family art and give it a modern spin with updated frames.

Look At Your Local Culture

Being inspired by the local culture means you are gaining inspiration from local artisans and craftsman who use their hands to create something special. This creates furniture with more character and interest than mass produced pieces.

Non Local Cultures & Design

Maybe you or your clients want to stand out from everyone else. A great way to set yourself apart while creating something beautiful and distinct is by looking outside of your local area, instead look to distant places.  Maybe a certain trip or vacation left a lasting impression.

Look Outside Of Interior Design

Some of the most unique and award winning living rooms were created by designers who were inspired by something outside of interior design. For example the room design below was inspired by Moby Dick which was the client’s favorite book.

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